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Are You Ready for a Second Pet?

two dogs adoption

So you currently own a dog and you are considering getting another one. There are many things to think about before taking on another pet. Being a good pet owner can start with a proactive approach of thinking through a big decision like this before you do it.

The best rule of thumb is: if you have any reservations at all, take the time to analyze and think through the pros and cons before taking the leap. Don’t make any sudden decisions. Do your research in advance before you fall in love with a pet and can’t say no.

Luckily, we’ve done the thinking for you. Read the following before heading to your local humane society to find your next furry family member. Pets sure are amazing, aren’t they! The last thing we want is for you to find yourself in a situation you didn’t expect.

  • Can you afford a second pet? Remember that your pets may not always stay in great health. Be sure to have some money saved just in case something was to happen to either pet. Remember that all expenses will basically be times by two. That means annual bills, food, extras, etc. And that’s just the predictable things!
  • Keep in mind that not all pets will get along. Does your current pet like other animals? It might be a good idea to find a place that allows your dog to get acclimated with the new dog before the big move. Is there enough space in your home in case one pet wants to be away from the other pet?
  • Research your pet. Does your dog type usually get along with a certain type of pets or breeds? Try to understand the type of personality your pet has and who he or she might mesh well with. Does your dog like other big dogs? Take all personalities into consideration.
  • Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Know your limitations and what you can handle. If you are interested in a large breed dog and currently have a small breed, remember that their needs could be extremely different than that of your current dog.
  • Take age into consideration. Perhaps your current dog is a senior and you’re wanting to add some excitement and activity back into his or her life. A senior pet and a rambunctious puppy don’t always see eye-to-eye.
  • Get the second dog for all the right reasons. Some people buy a second dog to help the first dog feel less lonely when they are away from the home. This is not always a great solution. Be sure to have several reasons to welcome the second pet into your home.

See adoption as a permanent change. Welcoming a second pet into the home isn’t always easy. There will be ups and downs and growing pains. But it’s important to remember that pet adoption is usually meant for good. You will make it! It’s just important to try and be prepared for anything that rolls your way.

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