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How to Exercise Your Pet Indoors

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Dogs get restless just like us in the cold and long winter months, especially when going for a walk is out of the question. When thinking about exercising your pet, start by putting yourself in their paws. What might they enjoy as a fun way to get their indoor blood flowing?

If your 2017 resolutions include getting fit, you might want to join Fido in these easy and quick ways to get much needed exercise indoors.

– Use the stairs to your advantage. Encourage your pet to run up and down the stairs for a tasty reward. Put their favorite treat in your hard and run up and down several times. Use words that you would normally say to your dog before offering a delicious treat.

– Does your cat dig laser toys? A lot of our feline friends do. Use this interactive toy more often this winter to give your kitty a workout she won’t even know she’s getting.

– Don’t mind throwing the ball inside? Many pet specialty stores make softer versions of your dog’s favorite tennis ball. Bring it inside and carefully play fetch. Have fun!

– Set up an agility course for your dog or cat. Use toys and treats to encourage him or her to go through it several times.

– Have you ever heard of doggy yoga? Yes, it’s a thing. Look it up online and see if it’s something you’re interested in trying with your pet.

– Let you pet try out the treadmill! Some dogs love a 20-minute walk on the treadmill. Consider taking turns. You do 20 minutes, then let Fido do his 20 while you lift weights. It’s a win, win situation.

– Take your dog to their favorite pet specialty store to walk around and see the sights. Strolling the isles with your pet could be just what they need to beat those winter blues!

– Have a play date. Does your pet get super excited when a friend comes over to play? This could be the ticket to great indoor fun for your pet!

Remember to exercise with caution and to stay safe – especially on the treadmill – when attempting any indoor activity with your pet. Many lamps have been broken due to careless ball throwing or tug-a-war games gone bad. But sometimes it’s worth it! Have fun!

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