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Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Your Pets

valentines day petThere’s nothing wrong with celebrating Valentine’s Day with your pet. The truth is, pets are loyal companions that show us love in ways humans can’t. With the wag of their tail or an enthusiastic greeting at the door, they remind us each day why we love and care for them.

Pets, whether they’re age five or 15 years, show unconditional love to their humans. This Valentine’s Day, why not celebrate in a way that includes your most lovable furry companion?

There are many ways to show your dog or cat that you care this year. Just like we talked about for Christmas, don’t forget to celebrate this holiday with your four-legged friends and here’s how:

• Watch your favorite flick with Fido cuddled up next to you. Have you seen “The Secret Life of Pets” yet?

• Buy your pet a Valentine’s Day gift they will appreciate for years to come: improved hip and joint function.

• Buy your dog or cat their favorite treats from a pet specialty store near you.

• Dedicate yourself to becoming a Rock Star pet parent in 2017!

• Help your senior pet feel young again by appreciating and celebrating their age any way that you can.

• Give the gift of a dog or cat companion. You know you’ve been waiting for a reason to get a second pet.

• Show people how much you love them by posting a picture of them on social media, starting with our Facebook page that has over 40K fans! Tell the world all about the pet love of your life!

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of our pet-lovin’ friends. We hope it’s a great one! And, please, don’t forget to tell your dog or cat you love them too!

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