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To Travel with Your Pet or Not to Travel? That’s a good question.

Are you planning a nice summer vacation with the family? Or are you without school age children and want to get away to somewhere warmer? Either way, you don’t have to leave the pets at home. Don’t spend another dime on boarding pets if you don’t have to. There are many things you can do to make traveling with pets an enjoyable experience.

Below is a list of commonly used reasons not to bring your pet along on a vacation. Immediately following those reasons are easy solutions that work for a lot of pets, both dogs and cats. Give it a try and you might find that traveling with your pet can be a better experience than leaving them behind!

My pet does not travel well.

Have you heard about calming supplements? We have calming supplements in our Essential Pet line made just for dogs and cats. We are here to help! Try giving your dog a Pet-EZE Soft Chew a few days before and during your travel days. These supplements have a special calming support formula to help ease pets in uncomfortable situations like traveling.

Staying at a hotel with a pet is too expensive.

If you do your homework you might actually find a hotel that is pretty inexpensive for pets. In fact, in some states there are fees as low as $10 per night. You can’t beat that!

My pet will be bored while I am out site seeing at our vacation spot.

Make it a nice balance of pet friendly activities and otherwise. There’s nothing wrong with leaving your pet at the hotel for a few hours while you are out and about. In fact, it could be a lot more fun for your pet. Simply bring along something that says “home” to them. Whether it’s a blanket or a bed, bringing something from home will make your pet feel more comfortable in their new temporary surroundings.

I don’t want my pet to be on a plane for too long.

It’s best to consider your pets needs when taking them along on your flight. Consider the length of the flight and try to fly direct when possible. The shorter the tip, the better off you might be. Be sure to label the outside of the pet crate you use for your furry friend’s flight. Put their name and your contact information in bold on the outside of the crate just in case anything happens.

Do you have any other reasons why you prefer to travel or not to travel with your pet? Share them with us on our Facebook page. Each time we post a new blog we also open up dialogue on our page for fans to offer their feedback. Join in the conversation! 

Remember to check with your veterinarian before you take your dog or cat on a vacation in the car or on a plane. Let them know your plans and get their opinion on whether or not your pets are suited for it. There are many benefits to having your furry companion tag along with you on a vacation. There’s nothing wrong with leaving your pet at home though. Whatever you choose, have a good time and enjoy!

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