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Tips for Pet Dental Care | from Sparky the Dog

February was Pet Dental Month! What a great way to help pet owners remember that dental care is super important, even for dogs and cats. Instead of telling you of the many reasons why you should brush your pet’s teeth – you probably already know those – I’d like to share a few tips in getting the job done.

  1. Where do you store your pet’s toothbrush? Strategically place your pet’s toothbrush right next to yours. You don’t have to brush your dog’s teeth two times a day, but at least this will help you remember to do it once in a while.
  1. Is brushing your pet’s teeth a treat or a chore for them? Make brushing your pet’s teeth a good experience for everyone. Make sure you use a toothpaste that they like and follow general guidelines to make your pet not detest the task.
  1. Do you not have enough time to brush? You might consider using a dental water additive in your pet’s water bowl. This can help with dental care when you don’t have the time to brush their teeth. It can also help with stinky cat breath.
  1. Does your pet have loose teeth? It’s a good idea to get loose teeth checked out by the veterinarian as soon as you can. Brushing, tugging and other things could cause issues for a pet that has loose teeth. Ask your veterinarian for the next steps.
  1. Does your pet hate to get his or her teeth brushed? Don’t give up! Use positive reinforcement and repetition to help your pet get used to their teeth being brushed. Start off brushing their teeth in short amounts of time and then progressively get to where you want to be.
  1. Is your pet too young to have their teeth brushed? The answer is no. It’s best to start an early introduction to proper dental care. As they get older it becomes a part of their routine. They’ll think it’s just another normal part of life, which it should be.
  1. Haven’t brushed your pet’s teeth yet? Get off to the right start by talking with your veterinarian about pet dental care. Ask them how often you should be brushing their teeth. Ask the vet exactly what you need to do for your unique pet. No two dogs are exactly alike.

I hope you enjoyed pet dental month as much as I did! With all of the articles and news stories around town, I really learned a lot about dental disease and why my pet parents brush my teeth. March is Adopt a Rescued Guinea Pig Month. That should be a good one!

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