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Ways to Keep Your Pet Happy

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The first thing to remember is that not all pets are created equally. Like most humans, some pets have good and bad days. Some pets also have different needs than others. You have to keep these things in mind when exploring ways to keep your pet happy. Understanding and acknowledging your pet’s needs and wants will help you to achieve this goal. The fact that you are even reading this post is a good sign that your pet is probably already living a pretty wonderful life. Keep up the good work!

5 Things to keep in mind if your pet seems unhappy   

  1. There could be an underlying problem. Have you visited the veterinarian lately? There is a chance that your pet is feeling ill, especially if he or she has suddenly started acting irritable or unhappy. If he or she seems abnormally withdrawn for more than a couple of days, consider booking an appointment with the vet.
  1. They might just be getting older. Some aging pets start to slow down a bit. Just because Fido no longer runs as fast to the fly ball, doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s unhappy. Senior pets sometimes start to lounge around the house more and take longer naps. This could become the norm for your pet.
  1. Did you change up their routine recently? Changing a regular schedule can throw off some pets. Moving to a new home or having a child can be a huge trigger for some unhappiness or anxiety. Take time to evaluate the things that have changed in your life. Are there ways to make these transitions easier or less stressful?
  1. Your pet might just be having a bad day (or two). As mentioned above, pets can be incredibly similar to humans in several ways. Just because they seem a bit unhappy for a few days may not mean that there is anything deeply wrong. Pay close attention to the way they are eating and drinking. This is sometimes an indicator that there is a health problem.
  1. You know your pet better than anyone. Don’t you think that’s true? You know what your pet likes and dislikes. You will know if something is wrong. Go with your gut and try different things to cheer up your furry friend.

5 Things to try to cheer up your pet when you are sure there’s not a health issue

  1. Purchase a new toy for your pet and give them extra play time and attention. They will surely appreciate the extra love and cuddles they get from the family.
  1. Take a daily walk with your dog. Many dogs love to take walks and there are many added benefits for you and your pup. Take a new route once in a while to spice things up a bit – new smells! Make their walk part of your daily routine. It really is a nice addition to the day.
  1. Take your pet to a pet specialty store like PetSmart for some active time and socialization. Pick up a new bag of treats while you are there. Most pets are more than happy to get a delicious treat from Mom or Dad.
  1. Check out a pet-friendly activity happening in the city. A lot of pools will have an end of the season pool party that invites dogs to swim in their pool before they close it up for the year. Other places will have dog “pawties” at a local dog park or a get together for fellow felines. Be sure that your pet is social and not scared of strangers before you attempt an activity like this.
  1. Do something special for your pet when you come home from work. Doesn’t it feel good to take 15 minutes to hang out with your pet after a long, hard day at the office? We think so.

Keeping your pet happy is usually pretty simple. Just show that you love and care for them and you’ll see that they’re enjoying life. More cuddles and consideration is sure to please. If you have a pet that doesn’t like that extra attention, simply get to know your pet and what he or she wants. Purchase the food and/or treats that they enjoy. Buy them a comfy bed to get cozy in. Just use your instincts. Pets are not as complicated as they might seem sometimes.

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