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10 Spring Safety Tips for Pets

March is the perfect time to start thinking about spring safety tips for your pets. It’s a great idea to get ahead of any issues that might rear their ugly heads in the upcoming months. Are you prepared for the warmer months? These quick tips should help.

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  1. Watch out for harmful critters in your yard. You know what critters we are referring to. It’s that time again. Fleas, tick and mosquitoes might be lurking in your yard. You might even have rattlesnakes. Know the dangers and take preventative measures to avoid any possible problems. 
  1. Make sure your pet has proper identification. Most people tend to be out and about more often with their pets during the warmer months. It’s important that your pet has proper identification in case they get lost or run away from the home. Nowadays, identification comes in many forms. Pick the one that is right for your pet. Stay safe and enjoy being outside! 
  1. Start the season off right with a visit to the veterinarian. It might be a good idea to visit with your vet before the scorching hot weather set in. Make sure your pet is in tip-top condition for being outside and running around. You might also consider vaccinations and flea and tick prevention.
  1. Keep your pet on a leash. We know it’s tempting to have your dog off the leash. Sometimes pets get the best exercise when running around and being free outdoors. Take your situation and surroundings into consideration before doing so. You might want to keep your pet on a leash in many situations. Go with your gut.
  1. Make sure all of your windows have screens on them. Pets can escape the home through open windows. Cats have been known to jump out open windows without screens. Check around the house to make sure that screens are properly in place before you leave the windows open on a beautiful spring day.
  1. Buckle up for safety. If your pet enjoys riding in the car with you, you might consider buckling them up while running around town. Some dogs get curious and want to jump out of the window. There are obvious safety issues when it comes to dogs riding in cars. Take the time to know and understand how you can help keep your pet safe in the car.
  1. Lose the extra pounds. We’re not talking about you; we are talking about your pets. Being indoors and getting less exercise cause your pet to pack on the pounds. Help your pet lose the extra weight this spring: get outdoors, play tag, go for walks.
  1. Stock up on over-the-counter pet care products. Head over to your local PetSmart and purchase and OTC pet care products you might need. Essential Pet can help you with that! Our products are exclusively sold at PetSmart stores nationwide. For list of our pet care products, visit us online at
  1. Keep the cleaning products away from your pets. Many households around the US take advantage of the warmer months and start to spring clean during this time of the year. Remember that a lot of household cleaning sprays and chemicals are harmful to your pets. Read the labels and be as cautious as possibly you can.
  1. Don’t let your pet eat poisonous plants. Teach your dog or cat to stay away from harmful plants in your yard. Remember that some plants are poisonous to pets. Keep a close eye on them and use training techniques to remind them not to ingest poisonous plants.

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