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Make it a Calm Summer for your Dog or Cat


Summertime is finally here, but with all the hustle and bustle of school being out and other summertime situations, it might make your pet a bit uncomfortable. New noises, different schedules and traveling can cause angst among many furry friends. The good new is this: We have products exclusively available at PetSmart that will offer your pet calming support for uncomfortable situations. Read on for more information.

Sometimes pets get incredibly tense around this time of the year. Keep these things in mind:

  1. New smells. What does summer bring? Yummy food and curious smells. Pet owners beware! See our most recent post about feeding your pet table food. Yummy smelling food may not cause your pets stress, but ingesting something they shouldn’t sure can.


  1. New visitors. Does your doorbell ring more often during the summer months? Does UPS frequent your doorstep? All of these doorbell-ringing opportunities may leave your pet feeling anxious. Is your dog a nervous barker? Try a calming support product from 21st Century Pet.


  1. New noises. Summer holidays like the 4th of July and Memorial Day weekend can be very busy and noisy for some people. Plan ahead for these times and try not to leave your nervous pet feeling too lonely during the holidays.


  1. New routine. Some pets get worried when there is a sudden change in the routine. Are you too busy to take frequent daily walks with your dog? Is the weather outside causing your pet to fret? The warmer weather and summer hustle can leave your pet feeling confused. Be prepared and plan ahead.


Keep these stressors in mind this summer. Here are a few options for calming support from 21st Century:


  • Pet-EZE™ Soft Chews for Pets or Pet-EZE™ Toy Breed SOFT Chews for Dogs – This calming support formula can assist anxious dogs in uncomfortable situations. The natural chamomile ingredient provides soothing support designed for dogs—making stressful situations easier to deal with. Pet-EZE™ Soft Chews for Dogs is exclusively available at PetSmart stores.


  • Pet-EZE™ Soft Chews for Cats – Offer your cat calming support in chew form. It’s a great tasting way to calm your feline friend when summer fun comes knocking on your door. This product is offered exclusively at PetSmart stores.


  • Also check out our sister brand of Calm Paws™ with its selection of essential oil based calming products for pets on the go.


Does your pet have any other nervous triggers during the busier months of the year? Share them with us by emailing us at

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