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5 ways to enjoy the 4th of July with your dog

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We try to include our pets in most things that we do because they are a part of our family. They are our furry family members. Holidays are a great way to have fun with your pets!

Independence day can be a hard one for a few reasons. First, the loud noises can scare your dog. Second, fireworks can be dangerous in general. Third, pets don’t always fit into the 4th of July party plans. But what if there was a way to change that? You don’t have to exclude your pet. There are several ways to help make your pet feel special, even on the Fourth of July.

Below are 5 easy ways to help your pet feel better during the holiday festivities.       

1. Food – While you are already making red, white and blue snacks for your human visitors, why not make something special for the furry canines? Pinterest has many different ideas and boards out there for just this! Check out Pinterest for more ideas and fun for the festivities.

Another thing to remember in regards to food for your pet is which human foods are toxic to them. Sometimes we have a get together or a potluck and forget to tell friends not to give your pets human foods without asking first. Keep food out of your dog’s reach to help avoid any unplanned consumption.

2. Games – Do you have any games planned that you can also enjoy with your dog? Does your dog like to swim? Consider getting a baby pool for your pet to cool off in. Put a few toys in the water for him or her. Some dogs LOVE the water! Other dogs might like Frisbee or playing catch. Take some time on this great day to play with your dog for a bit!

NOTE: Having an active day before or early morning could help your dog feel more tired or rested when the noisy fireworks come. This could help them not feel as stressed during the commotion.  

3. Exercise – Another great way to help your pet feel more comfortable during the 4th of July is to get the dog walks done before people start lighting fireworks. There are two reasons for this. First, you don’t want your dog accidently getting hit with a firework. A nice long walk and exercise can wear them out for later in the day. If you have a nervous pet, you might consider trying this before the party starts. 

4. Calming support Giving your pet a calming support supplement can help your pet feel more comfortable in stressful situations like hearing noisy fireworks. You might consider trying this for your dog!

5. Safety first – Be prepared for anything! Know what is safe for your dog and what is not. This can help everyone have a better holiday. If something does happen, know what steps you need to take to get help. It might be best to keep your pet away from any fireworks completely. You know your pet the best. Do what you think is safe for him or her, but remember that accidents do happen. Have a safety plan in place before the big day.

We hope you have a happy and safe 4th of July!

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