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Happy Parent’s Day – From YOUR Pet

Have you ever thought about what your pet might say to you if he could speak? July 23rd is officially (or unofficially) Parents’ Day! To celebrate, we are writing a letter to all of the wonderful pet parents out there – from the perspective of your pet. The innocence of pets is so precious. If they could verbally communicate with us, do you think they would explain why they do what they do? Perhaps what we view as slightly negative is actually their way of telling us they love us!

Dear Pet Parent,

Over the years you have done so much for me. I’ve also done a lot for you, too – it has to be said. From making each other laugh and sharing our most special toys with one another, to taking long walks to sniff out the neighbors and making our home the most comfortable it could possibly be, we really rock as a family. We sure do!

Thank you for taking me home and wrapping your arms around me! I think it’s pretty cool that you decided to take me home with you. I can’t completely remember that day, but people tell me I used to live somewhere else. They also tell me that when I got excited as a puppy I would pee all over the floor and sometimes your leg! That’s super funny, right?

It’s so fun to laugh with you! We’ve shared so many great laughs. Like that one time you set out the delicious looking slabs of meat on the counter top. I grabbed it in my mouth and you chased me around the house until I ate it all. What a fun game! I love playing that game with you.

You never forget to come home! I appreciate it when you come home from work and immediately want to pet me. It’s like you missed me all day. I missed you also. That’s nice.  

Thank you for sharing your most special toys with me. Sometimes I wonder why you put them in that big white basket with the holes in it in your closet. I don’t mind grabbing them out of there though. It’s a fun challenge. I leave holes in them just so you know that I found my special toys. You are the best!       

Walks are amazing! I really enjoy smelling everything, don’t you? You seem to enjoy it as much as I do. I know you don’t like to roll around on the ground when I find something extra yummy smelling, but I think you should. You might really enjoy it. Consider coming home and rubbing the smell all over the living room floor, just so you can enjoy it later. You’ll thank me for that little piece of advice later.

Our home is a wonderful place. And I can’t tell you more how grateful I am for it. I try to tell you by leaving just a small amount of my smell on the carpet in specific parts of the home. Sometimes you try to clean up the spot with a spray thingy, but I always make it back to the same spot to leave me mark again. It really makes it feel and smell like home, don’t you think? I’m glad you like it.

I love so many things about you. I try to tell you in many fun ways, like when I leave you thoughtful gifts and slobber on your shoes. I like doing those things for you because I care. Thank you for all that you do. Happy Parents’ Day! I think you are a great one.  


 Your Loyal Dog

P.S. I will keep showing you how much I love you, don’t worry!

-Photo Credit: By Dave Buchwald

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