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5 pet care tips to a shiny and glossy coat

With the changing weather, make sure you keep your pets skin and coat in tip top condition going into the fall. What does it mean if your dog’s coat is looking dull and lifeless? What can you do to help?

Here are 5 hints and tricks of the trade for that shiny glossy coat.

1. Put them on a healthy diet – Have you ever heard that the appearance and quality of your dog’s coat can be a sign of poor health? The skin might be dry and the coat might be course coarse because of a lack of nutrients. Make sure your pet is getting a healthy diet. Does your pet suffer from hair loss, flaky skin or bumpy and irritated skin? These are all signs of an unhealthy coat. Get advice from a veterinarian and ask which of these tips might work best for your pet.

2. Use Alaskan Wild Salmon Oil – Salmon oil contains natural omega-3 fatty acids for healthy skin and coat. Use a product like Essential Pet Alaska Wild Salmon Oil or brewers yeast to support the skin and coat as well as vitamins and other fish oil to help maintain your pet’s healthy skin and coat. The Essential Pet skin and coat products can help transform your pets coat to its natural luster and can help reduce dry, itchy skin and shedding.

3. Brush their coat regularly – Different breeds require a different grooming schedule. What type of dog do you have? What type of hair and natural oils does their coat promote? Talk to a professional groomer for advice. Brushing can help remove dead skin and circulate their blood. Daily brushing might be exactly what your pet needs.

4. Bath when necessary, but not too much – How often are you bathing your pet? Some dogs require bathing less frequently than others. Making the mistake of bathing your pet too frequently can cause irritated skin. You might also consider using an oatmeal or Tea tree oil shampoo to help with skin irritations. As always, talk to a veterinarian for specific recommendations for your unique dog.

5. Offer the right supplements – Some supplements have natural fatty acids to help promote a healthy coat. As mentioned above, a salmon oil contains Omega fatty acids. Other supplements contain ingredients to benefit your pet, too.

The right amount of supplements, grooming and the best combination of healthy food and diet could be the key to a healthy skin and coat. Have your pet looking and feelings great this fall!

-Image Credit: Free photo from doane

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