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7 Fall Tips for Pet Owners

What is your favorite thing about fall? There are many things to love about this beautiful season. The smells are incredible! The tastes are alluring. What does fall mean to you?

Fall might mean a break from the hot summer days. So being outside, walking the dogs more frequently could be in your new routine. What a wonderful time to get out and enjoy the sights around your home and neighborhood.

Is there anything you should know about the changing weather and season that pertains to your pets? Sure there is, and we are here to help you start the season off right. Does the changing of seasons affect your pet? Read the below tips to help keep your pet happy and healthy this fall.


  1. GET READY! Start preparing for the colder months ahead. Does your dog have little fur and need a coat or something to put on his paws when he goes outside? Start thinking about winter because it’s also right around the corner.
  2. Keep your pets away from harmful chemicals like engine coolant. As you prepare for the colder months, be aware that there are many things harmful to your pet if ingested.
  3. Watch out for debris and falling branches. If you have trees that drop things that could prove to be harmful to your pets, be sure to clean up your yard on a regular basis. Being outside might be a bit more tolerable this time of the year, so enjoy it while you can.
  4. Keep the school supplies away from your pets. If you have a dog or cat that likes to chew up anything that is hanging out on the floor like markers, colored pencils or crayons – be on the look out. The last thing you need is a late night emergency vet visit.
  5. Make sure there are no mushrooms in your yard. The fall season might bring mushrooms to your area. Mushrooms can be poisonous to your pet. Give your yard a hard look before spending long periods of time outside with your pet.
  6. It’s time to get moving. Get out and about and enjoy the cool weather with your pets!
  7. Don’t let your indoor cat jump out of an open window. If you are opening the windows to enjoy the fresh air, be sure to keep the screen in place. Many indoor cats have been known to jump out of the window in hopes of finding themselves enjoying the great outdoors.

We hope you have a lovely fall. Let us know if you have any more fall tips to share with fellow pet owners. Just post them to our pet-lovin’ Facebook page!

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