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7 Ways to Feel Closer to Your Pet

Life is busy. From children’s activities to work responsibilities, life can throw a lot of curve balls at us. You might feel like you don’t give your pet the quality time he or she deserves. If you are feeling this way, don’t worry! There are many easy ways to better incorporate your pets into your every day life. When times get busy, include your pet as much as you possibly can.

Here are a 7 easy ways to feel closer to your canine companion:

1. How often do you take walks with your dog?A morning stroll is good for both you and your pet. Giving quality time to your pet during a morning walk is always a great way to start the day and make your pet feel special.

2. Does your work do a “bring your pet to work day”? If so, participate and enjoy having your furry friend help you work for a day. If not, ask your manager if this is a good option for your company.

3. Do you have an important event or wedding coming up? Include your pet in the festivities. There are many different creative ways to include your pet. If her or she is a part of your day, it could make everyone feel happier and more at ease (it does depend on how well your pet likes being around people, of course).

4. Going on vacation? Take your pet with you! Nowadays there are several pet friendly hotels and locations around the world. Consider bringing your pet with you on your family vacation this year. Let your pet join in the fun!

5. Have you ever tried working out with your pet? Take a class with your pet. Have you ever heard about doggy yoga? If you are already taking an exercise class or needing to incorporate that into your life, why not include your lovable companion?

6. Does your dog like to ride in the car? Often times we leave our furry friends at home while running errands. As long as you’re not leaving them in a hot car or unattended, it could be a nice idea to take them with you to the bank drive-through or to pick up the kids from school. Some dogs love a nice car ride.

7. Need more pet supply products? Head over to PetSmart or other pet friendly stores to allow you pet time to sniff out the newest pet treats on the market!

Bottom Line: The idea is to incorporate your pet into your every day routine. If you walk the kids to school and have enough hands to bring the dog with you, consider doing so. Try to think of fun ways to make your pet feel included in things that you are doing.

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