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9 Fun places to take your dog

You love your pet and she loves you. You enjoy each others company, spending time at home and in the yard, but do you ever venture out to see what else there is to do with your furry friend? There are many ways to have fun with your pet and in many different places. Our pets are like our family members, right? So why not plan a family vacation with your pet? Below are a few great places to take your dog.

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9 Great Places to Take Your Dog:

1. Take them shopping with you. This is an easy one and you might not have to travel that far to find a pet friendly store like PetSmart. Your pet will most likely love all of the fun smells and other furry faces around the store.

2. Head to the Grand Canyon. Leashed pets are allowed in certain areas of the park. Click here to find our more information on the pet policy at the Grand Canyon.

3. Bring your dog to a pet convention. People in the pet industry are familiar with trade shows like Global Pet Expo. It is not open to the public, but the pets have so much fun and are treated like the stars they are. If you ever get the chance to attend a pet convention, give it a go!

 4. Take him out to a ball game! Have you ever brought your dog to a baseball game? Check out this list of Major League Baseball’s 2017 scheduled dog friendly ball games. If you missed this year, plan to attend in 2018. It’s an event you will both appreciate.

5. It’s time to visit the splash pad! Does your pet like the water? The splash pad could be your dog’s new favorite place.

6. Take your dog to the beach. Not all beaches are pet friendly, so take a look at this list before you head out:

7. Head to a dog camp! Have you ever heard of a camp that’s meant just for pets and their human parents! It’s a thing. You can find a list of camps in your area here:

8. Visit a pet friendly hotel. There are several hotels around the world that are pet friendly. You don’t have to leave your dog at home or with a sitter for your family vacation. A lot of pet friendly hotels offer specials accommodations and amenities for pets!

9. Get outside and have some fun! Since it is fall, who doesn’t love to see their furry friend rushing through the leaves and having a ball? Check out your local forests for fun walks in the fall leaves.

Wherever you decide to go, have a good time and remember to check with your veterinarian before you take your dog or cat on a vacation in the car or on a plane. Let them know your plans and get their opinion on whether or not your pets are suited for it. There are many benefits to having your furry companion tag along with you on a vacation. Have a good time and enjoy the fun!

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