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Does your dog act like a cat?

Meet Shay. Shay is a beautiful and ornery 10-year-old Shih Tzu with the personality of a cat. The only difference is that she uses the restroom outside and not a littler box. She doesn’t enjoy long walks, would prefer to lay around the house all day and even makes noises that are similar to purring while she rests. We’ve found ourselves saying that Shay is like a cat on many occasions.

Have you ever thought to yourself, my dog might really think he is a cat? Was my dog secretly raised by cats before he joined our family? He sits around the house, is pretty independent, doesn’t like other canines and is overall a pretty watchful and observant creature waiting for the right opportunity to pounce. Do dogs know they are dogs? Does Shay realize that she’s one of “those” creatures she avoids so frequently?

So the thought process starts…if my dog really acts like a cat, am I a dog person or a cat person – or both?

Ask yourself this: What qualities do you love about your pet? Do a few of these top your list?

  • Companionship
  • Always having someone to talk to
  • A friend for life
  • The energy and fun he or she exudes
  • The way he makes you smile without even trying
  • Someone to take care of and love unconditionally

We’ve said it before and we’ll stay it again, dogs and cats are amazing creatures. They make our lives complete. If they act like they’re a dog, cat, fox, wolf or turtle, we would still love them just the way they are. No matter what type of pet you own and love, we can all agree that they are irreplaceable and wonderful.

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