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What to do during Halloween if you have a nervous pet

With the adorable costumes, numerous visitors, bags of candy, and exciting holiday parties – Halloween is one of the most popular American holidays in the United States. Most humans love Halloween, but what about our furry friends? Not all pets enjoy the constant noise and commotion that comes with this well-liked celebration. But what can you do to help your pet and yourself have a great time on October 31st?

Did you know that Essential Pet offers calming support to your pets during these stressful times? Below are five things you can do to help prepare your pet for the spooky festivities.

Veterinarian formulated options for your anxious pet:

1. Pet-EZE™ Soft Chews for Pets or Pet-EZE™ Toy Breed SOFT Chews for Pets This calming support formula can assist anxious dogs in uncomfortable situations. The natural chamomile ingredient provides a soothing aid in a tasty soft chew designed for dogs—making holidays easier to deal with. Pet-EZE™ Soft Chews for Pets is exclusively available at PetSmart stores.

2. Pet-EZE™ Paw Paste for Cats – Offer your cat calming support in a paste. It’s a great tasting way to help calm your feline friend when Halloween visitors come knocking on your door. This product is offered exclusively at PetSmart stores.

Consider these quick tips:

• SAFETY – Safety is important to consider when your pet is nervous. Some pets will run away when they are anxious during home holiday celebrations. Make sure your pet has a collar with proper identification or a chip. Some sneaky dogs and cats can slip through the door while you’re attending to the trick-or-treaters.

• RELAXATION – Allow your pet to relax in your bedroom with his or her favorite toys while you attend to the visitors. If the doorbell will make your pet nervous from any room in the house, consider sitting outside to hand out candy. You can also stick a piece of tape over the doorbell and sit close to the door to see when trick-or-treaters are approaching. Check on your pets and snuggle them frequently to make sure they’re okay.

• STAY INSIDE – It’s not a terrible idea to forgo trick or treating. If you feel bad about not offering any candy, you can simply place a bucket of candy with a sign that says “one per person” and hope for the best. Turn your porch lights off and watch a Halloween flick with a friend – perhaps a furry friend!

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