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6-Steps to Choosing a Name for Your Pet

Congratulations! You’ve decided to welcome a new furry companion into your home. What a wonderful feeling! But what should you name your new dog or cat? (If he or she doesn’t have one already, of course.) Have you been contemplating a pet name and can’t decide? Here are a few tips to help you land the perfect name for your pet.

Before you start, keep this in mind: Many pets have a “given” names and end up being called something completely different. Don’t let the decision weigh on you too much. You never know, you could end up calling your pet something completely different a few years down the road!

Step 1: Know your taste and do your research. Do you want a popular pet name or something more unique? Many people name their pets with a human name or something based on the pet’s personality or appearances, like Fluffy or Boots.

Click the following link for a list of the Top 10 most popular dog names: Most Popular Dog Names.

Step 2: Type up a list of 10 pet names you like, then slowly dwindle the list down to one. It’s a good idea to start will a small list so you don’t find yourself falling in love with several names. That could make the process harder.

Step 3: Pick out your top 3 names. Try to call your new pet a few of the names on the list to see how it feels rolling off your tongue. See how your pet responds to certain names, but try not to confuse him. You don’t want to do this step for too long. Remember that you will use this name thousands of times, so make it one that you truly like.

Step 4: Ask a few other trusted people what they think. Bounce your pet name ideas off of a few other people and then call it good.  Don’t ask too many people because everyone may have a different opinion. Give it a couple of days. Get to know your pet and then you might find that one name suits him better than the other.

Step 5: Pick the final name and spelling of the name. Once you know you have the right name, think about the spelling. If you choose a more standard name like Beauty or Frankie, you can always change it up by making the spelling of the name more unique.

Step 6: Have fun and enjoy your newly named pet!

Do you have an interesting name for your pet? Share it with us on our pet-lovin’ Facebook page. Do you still call your pet by his or her given name? Thank you for reading our pet blog and for joining in the conversation!

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