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CRITTER CHATTER: “Tis the Season to be Jolly and Joyous”

The Halloween costumes are put away along with all the candy (unfortunately), and I am already loosening my belt in anticipation of a Thanksgiving Day feast. So it seems only logical to begin to prepare for a safe and sane December holiday season with your pets.


At first, I thought I would only pass along a few tips to prevent a trip to the veterinarian from spoiling the festivities, including:

  • Avoid people foods such as chocolate, turkey skin and fatty table scraps that can be hazardous and even life threatening to pets.
  • Be careful of Christmas greenery, especially poinsettias and mistletoe, lights, fragile ornaments and Christmas trees that pose risk and temptations.
  • Be watchful of holiday gift wrappings and ribbons that could cause intestinal blockage or strangulation.
  • Ensure that holiday parties and rambunctious guests don’t initiate emotional distress to pets, especially cats.
  • Whether taking your pets traveling with you or leaving them behind with a pet sitter or at a boarding kennel, be watchful for unusual ailments that could arise.

I also decided to do some shopping.

Below are a few items that Charlotte, my five-year-old Goldendoodle, and I found on the Internet that we both felt would make great gifts for your own dog or cat for Christmas or Hanukkah.

  • A Microchip Implant is approximately the size of a grain of rice placed under your pet’s skin by a veterinarian that acts as a tracking device. If your dog or cat wanders off and is ends up at a pet shelter or veterinary hospital, a scan of the chip will identify whom the animal belongs to. I once re-united an owner with her dog that had been missing for 3 years.
  • 21st Century Essential Pet Dog and Cat supplements are great stocking stuffers. Coats seem to shine with a good natural diet combined with salmon oil from wild caught – not farm raised – fish. Probiotics should be another staple of a healthy daily diet. Holidays, travel or boarding are always a good time for calming supplements to help reduce anxiety.
  • Benebone is a patented 100% real bacon-flavored dog chew that will satisfy dogs for hours and help maintain healthy teeth and gums. It is made of nylon with deep grooves for a good bite and enhanced scent and flavor.
  • The Wham-O Pets Dog Frisbee is made of a unique Certified Non-Toxic material that is flexible and durable to help reduce injury to teeth and gums during playtime. It uses photoreceptive technology that allows dogs to see the disc clearer and catch it easier.
  • GoDog Dinos Chew Guard Purple Bruto Dog Toy is rugged chew toy that features an integrated squeaker dogs go crazy for. It is made using a proprietary manufacturing process that adds a super strong, durable liner to the soft bubble-plush fabric and is specifically engineered to withstand tough play Charlotte has yet to destroy her Dino after 12 months of chewing.
  • Meowbox contains 4 or more tasty, grain-free food and treats that made locally with natural or organic ingredients that can be shipped to your door monthly or bi-monthly. The company’s goal is “to excite kitty and put a smile on your face”.
  • Newman’s Own Chicken & Rice Recipe Snack Sticks for dogs are made with organic ingredients and are great as a tasty reward or treat. The company donates all royalties and after-tax profits from their products to charity.

Holidays are fun and exciting (and fattening) for us humans, but they can also be made more enjoyable for our pets by choosing the right gift that will provide a whole year of enjoyment. Be jolly. Be joyous. Be kind to all living things.

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