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How to select the right cone or protective collar for your pet

Editor’s Note: Calm Paws is a brand created by the makers of Essential Pet products, 21st Century Animal HealthCare. Calm Paws behavior support products were created for pet parents like yourself who love and appreciate their pets. Keep reading for more information about Calm Paws.   

There was a day when the only thing your dog could wear after surgery or an injury was the traditional clear plastic cone. Since the evolution of the large Elizabethan e-collar for dogs, many jokes, costumes and even funny videos have surfaced as a result. Did you see anyone wearing a collar as a costume this year? But now there are many options for your pet to get through stressful situations like surgeries or open wounds, like Calm Paws collars.

What makes Calm Paws collars different?

Calm Paws collars not only offer ways to keep your pets from reaching open wounds, rashes or other areas you don’t want them to, they also have a calming component while wearing the collar. Each collar can be paired with a, lavender and valerian for dogs or mint for cats, infused patch or disk that offers calming support with essential oils. Simply attach the safe and natural heart-shaped patch or disk to the collar that is right for your dog or cat.

What options do you have for cones or collars with Calm Paws?

Traditional plastic collar with a calming component – The Calming E-Collar for Cats and Dogs can help support pets through the recovery phase, post surgery, when use of a surgical collar is recommended. It can also help break the lick/bite and itch/scratch cycles. Lightweight and adjustable with comfort edging, this e-collar features a patent pending calming pocket for use with Calm Paws Calming Gel Patches.

Use with: Calm Paws Gel Patch

Soft collar with calming pocket – The Caring Collar for Cats and Dog is a premium soft e-collar that features both a patent pending calming application pocket and a patented Easyfeed opening. The EasyFeed opening allows pets to eat and drink comfortably while wearing the collar. The heavy duty outer material repels grime and fur, while the soft material and calming colors on the inside provide a comfortable, cozy experience.

Use with: Calm Paws Gel Patch

Inflatable collar with security strap – The Calm Paws Protective Collar for Cats & Dogs is a premium, inflatable protective collar that features a velcro tab closure and security strap for a safe fit around your dog’s neck. Use to help protect your pet from reaching injuries, rashes, or post-surgery wounds, perfect for body only coverage. Inflatable design allows your pet to eat and drink while wearing the device. Inflatable collars are more comfortable than a plastic cone.

Use with: Calm Paws Patch Protector and Gel Patch or Disk

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