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5 Thanksgiving Pet Safety Tips

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Do you have a pet that loves to sneak food off of the counter or table during the holidays? Thanksgiving is right around the corner. It’s time to refresh your memory on the dangers of certain foods to pets. Don’t let your pet get a hold of food that could land you in the pet ER instead of enjoying the holiday festivities.

The best thing you can do is understand your pet. How do they act during the holidays? Sometimes the change in pace can make your pets do strange things. Maybe your pet wouldn’t normally eat grapes off of the floor, but when they are stressed or provoked they might try. If you think your pet needs to be in a different location while the festivities are taking place, do what is best for your dog or cat. Keep their needs at the forefront of your mind.

Pet food Safety and what to watch out for:

1. An unstable trash bin – What do most people do on Thanksgiving? Load their plates up because everything looks so good, leaving lots of scraps behind. Don’t let your pet get a hold of the food you or your guests leave behind. Now is the time to invest in a stable trash bin. Consider something that is spill proof.

2. Guests feeding your pet – Take a moment to prep your guests. You might know better, but your visitors might fall for your pet’s adorable begging face. Tell your guests not to give in and feed your pet any table food.

3. Stuffing – This Thanksgiving staple should not be ingested by dogs or cats. Stuffing includes ingredients like onions and garlic, which can cause anemia issues for pets. Avoid most spices altogether!

4. Grapes or raisins – These are big no-noes for dogs and cats. Don’t let a grape roll away from you and land in your pet’s mouth.

5. Rowdy guests – Some pets are great around people they know until things get a little rowdy. This could mean adults or children. Some children are not used to being around dogs or cats and think they are a toy. If you have a pet that gets nervous around people, you might consider an alternative to where they play as things start to get more active around the home.

There are many things to keep in mind during the upcoming holiday festivities and the safety of your pet is at the top of the list. Check out a few other posts we’ve written about holiday pet safety for extra tips and tricks for your dog and cat. Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving with your furry companions!

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