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Why Pets Do Not Make Great Holiday Gifts

It’s hard to resist those adorable furry faces! We totally get it. Giving the gift of unconditional love (a.k.a. a cuddly puppy or kitten) seems like a great idea, yes, but there are so many things to take into consideration before buying someone a pet. Whether it’s for your household or someone else’s home, take time to make sure this is exactly what he or she needs.

A gift that keeps spending.
If you are purchasing a pet for another family, are you certain that they would be able to keep up with and maintain vaccinations, grooming visits, health issues, and more? The cost of owning a pet can be more than you might think.

You should be 100% sure before you buy.
Even though you might want it to be a surprise, there are some things you might want to talk over before you make the leap. Make sure everyone in the house approves of the idea before adopting the pet.

There are many different personalities involved.
Remember to ask and obtain as much information about the pet that you plan to adopt. A lot of animal shelters will provide information about personality and whether they get along with other pets or children.

Some pets do not welcome other pets.
This is something to pay close attention to. Do a little research as to what types of breeds get along. You might also consider whether you’re dog or cat is social and how they might accept the new family member into ‘their’ home.

Pets come with a lot of responsibilities.
If you are buying for a child in your life, there might be a few things to look at before determining whether they actually are ready for the pet. Having a pet is a huge responsibility. It might be smart to start small. Consider a fish, perhaps.

Some pets do to not play with others.
Different pets and breeds might be better with specific ages. Do a little research or talk to a professional at the animal shelter or pet store you’re planning to adopt from. There are tons of suggestions out there about how to introduce a pet to a child of any age.

Think about travel plans and visitors.
It’s the Holidays and there may be lots of additional guests in the house and travel plans already in place that introducing a puppy into may be a stress for everybody including the new puppy. Consider making a gift of the puppy as something that everybody can go and select or pick up after the Holidays.

If you are still wanting to buy a pet as a gift…
An excellent idea is to perhaps get them a gift card to the pet store or animal shelter. You might also ask them whether they have a donation gift option. Some shelters will allow you to donate money on behalf of another person.

Adopting a pet is a lifelong commitment. When bringing a new pet into your family, everyone in the family might want to have a say in what pet they bring home. Buying a pet as a gift might not be the best idea for everyone.

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