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5 Cat Breeds that Stay Small

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If the internet can confirm anything, it’s this: we’re a sucker for our cats. Big cats, small cats, cats in bags, cats in costumes, cats with strange meows, you name it, we’ll binge watch it on social media. But as much as we all love cat videos, it’s hard to top the melt-factor of a little baby kitten. There’s just something about their little tails, big eyes, and tiny whiskers that turn even the steeliest person into a jabbering puddle of ‘ooohs and awwws’. How can something so small pack such a powerful emotional punch? You have to admit; those tiny paws sure hold a lot of power!

If reminiscing about the kitten days has you wishing your cat could’ve stayed tiny forever, we have great news for you: there are cats out there that do! In fact, there are three different types: dwarfs, miniatures, and teacups. There are subtle differences between them, but they all stay pretty small. In fact, these tiny cats can weigh as little as 5 lbs (the average grown cat weighs 10-12 lbs), and many retain the kitten-like features that make them irresistible.

If you believe that good things come in small packages, you’ll want to check out these small cat breeds.

5 Cat Breeds that Stay Small

Raw_Singapura small breed cat

1. Singapura

The appropriately-named Singapura cat was established in Singapore and is the smallest cat breed in the world, weighing in at 5-8lbs. Known for its beige, brown-tipped coat and large ears, the Singapura may be short in stature, but it’s not short on elegance. Singapuras are playful, extroverted, and very intelligent.

american curl small breed cat

2. American Curl

If you like a cat with distinctive physical features, the American Curl is right up your alley! They are easily recognized by their ears that curl toward the back of their head, and are known for their extremely affectionate disposition.

Munchkin cat small breed

3. Munchkin

Picture this: a dachshund, but in cat-form. That’s the Munchkin. This feline is known for its medium-sized body, propped up on stubby legs. Their short legs may prevent them from jumping very high but what they lack in vertical, they make up for in speed!

cat with blue eye and one green eye

4. Cornish Rex

The Cornish Rex is best known for its distinctively wavy, soft fur. This is because it only has “down” hair- the fur that makes up the undercoat of most other cats. Despite their athletic nature, they are very affectionate companions. If you’re looking for the purrfect companion to snuggle on the couch, the Cornish Rex might be it!

small white cat

5. Devon Rex

Like the Cornish Rex, the Devon Rex also has a distinctively soft, although slightly less curly coat. The Devon Rex is laid-back, relaxed, and goofy. If you’re looking for a resident jester, you’ve found him!


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