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6 Tips for a Calm Halloween for Your Dog

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Imagine this: the home you’ve become comfortable with has been adorned with unfamiliar items…

There are new scents and sounds everywhere, and you are drawn to fragrant bowls of seasonal treats, but (unbeknownst to you) if you eat from that bowl, you could wind up life-threateningly ill. To top it all off, the doorbell keeps ringing and your roommates have been letting in strangers, even though you feel that as self-appointed head of security, you should have some sort of a say in who enters your home. This is Halloween through your dog’s eyes, and while tricks and treats are all good fun, it can be an especially difficult time for our pets.

Halloween is a favorite time of year for many, which sometimes makes it difficult to remember that our pets may not share our love for all things spooky. Many pets experience nervousness and fear during the Halloween season. Luckily, there are ways to make this time of year easier on our furry friends, without cramping the ghoulish fun you have planned. Try these 6 tips for a calm and serene Halloween for your pup.

6 Tips for a Calm Halloween for Your Dog

  1. Don’t force your pet into a costume they hate.

We get it. There isn’t anything much cuter than a “Pug-kin Spice Latte” or a Dachshund in a hot dog costume! If the outfit makes your pet miserable, it’s best to let go of any expectations you had of the Halloween photo-op you planned to post on your social media accounts.

  1. Station your candy at the porch.

Some dogs go crazy every time they hear visitors coming. If you know incessant ringing of the doorbell will agitate your pooch, stop it before it starts. Keep your candy on the porch to keep trick-or-treaters from having to ring your doorbell to score their loot.

  1. Distract your dog with a new toy.

Bring out a brand new toy just before the trick-or-treaters hit the streets. This will give your dog a healthy outlet for any worries or nervousness they might have. It will serve as a distraction as costumed children are walking past your windows. This can be especially helpful if your dog is a nervous chewer or is prone to destructive behavior when they get upset.

  1. Give your pet a calming supplement.

A calming supplement could be exactly what your pet needs in order to enjoy a night of frights and scares. Pet-Eze Calming Chews are veterinarian-formulated for all dogs. This calming support supplement comes in a resealable bag, and each chewable is loaded with a savory flavor. Find it here:

  1. Try soothing essential oils.

Certain essential oils have been known to have a calming and soothing effect on humans and animals alike. Before you use any oils on your dog, it’s important to do your research! Dogs are sensitive and essential oils are highly concentrated. We like CalmPaws Calming Disks (available here: They attach directly to your dogs collar and diffuse a blend of soothing essential oils. These calming disks have been formulated specifically for use on pets. All of the safety guess-work has been taken out of the picture for you.

  1. Give your pet some extra attention.

You are the person your pet loves most in this world. Give them the extra reassurance they need in the form of extra snuggles, head scratches, belly rubs, or even their favorite spot on your couch. We can’t think of a better way to celebrate Halloween than with our pets on our laps!

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