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As devoted pet lovers ourselves, we know how valuable your pet’s wellness is and we’re honored to provide your family with quality products. That’s why we’re proud to be part of the 21st Century HealthCare, Inc. family, one of the largest international manufacturers of human vitamins and companion animal supplements for over 25 years. Our dedication to providing you with clinically developed and precisely blended formulations based on the latest scientific research coupled with our commitment to investing in state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Tempe, Arizona enables us constantly to create new products for the health and benefit of your pets.

We vow to always bring you products that are refreshingly innovative, realistically priced and – most important of all – reassuringly safe and reliable. It warms our hearts to hear from satisfied customers, so we thought we’d share a few of our favorites with you today.

21st Century™ Essential Pet™ Hairball Soft Cat Chews

“Finally a hairball treatment my cat loves

We have a munchkin kitty that is very picky about what she can/will eat. She also has food allergies. She constantly grooms herself and we were worried about hairballs. I originally tried the pumpkin flavored treats from another company and she would not touch them. I actually had to crumble them up and sprinkle on top of her regular food. Even then she would somehow be able to sniff them out and push it to the side and not eat them. We decided to try this brand mainly because of the flavor. My kitty LOVES them. I give her one a day as directed and she comes back looking for more. Hopefully, now we can treat her hairballs before they get bad. Super happy with this product!”

“Great hairball chew

I have a 5-year-old female cat that has a lot of hairballs every once in a while. I have tried every hairball remedy out there until I found this product. It helps every time I give it to her. She still has hairballs every once in a while but the number of hairballs she has is less then what she had before. I highly recommend this product for someone that has a cat that has a hairball problem.”

21st Century™ Essential Pet™ Dog Paw Pad Protector

“Amazing stuff

I live in Arizona and this has kept my pups feet from drying out and cracking. It smells amazing and has natural ingredients that are safe for dogs. All in all a great product.”

“Great for dry/cracked/ peeling paws

I have a 9-week-old lab and I noticed her paw pads were very rough and starting to peel. It was clearly causing her some discomfort. I put it on 2 times a day, once in the morning and once at night, and after a few days her paws were a lot better, and they felt a lot softer. I would definitely recommend using this instead of using Vaseline because this is not only safe for dogs if they lick at it, but it also soaks into their paws quickly leaving them with more dry paws instead of gooped up paws.”

21st Century™ Essential Pet™ Brewers Yeast with Garlic, B Vitamins, & Minerals Dog Chewables

“Finally something that works and it’s safe

I have used chemical flea treatments for several years and I cringed every time I used them. I hated putting chemicals on my pets but nothing more “natural” worked. I stumbled upon these pills and after doing some research decided to try them. I started giving them to my dog in April. It is now the end of September and still NO FLEAS!!! My dog’s coat is shiny too. The only problem I have with the pills is that I have to hide them in peanut butter bread every morning. My dog will not take pills of any kind. He does well eating them this way. I highly recommend this product.”

21st Century™ Essential Pet™ L-Lysine Soft Cat Chews

“Works great!

These work great at keeping my 5 cats healthy! Since I started giving them to my kitties, my one cat who threw up every day no longer does, which is amazing! My very picky cat even loves them & he won’t eat “treats” half the time! I can’t be without them now!”

21st Century™ Essential Pet™ Adult Hip & Joint Ages 5+ Dog Chewables

“Keeps old dogs limber!

We started our Golden Retriever on this when he was 3 and started showing signs of some stiffness in movement. He is now 11 and eagerly walks, jumps into bed and enjoys his boat rides. When we ran out and switched to another brand, he neither liked the taste nor did he appear to be as limber. Once we went back to 21st Century brand, his agility greatly improved within a couple weeks!”

“Excellent product

Our 11-year-old German Shepard/lab mix had torn ligaments and tendons in her leg and we were told by one vet that she would eventually need to be put to sleep. We started giving her these tablets and now you would never know she ever had anything wrong.”

“Effective and easy to give

My Great Dane/Mastiff can smell any medication and will not take it. However, these crush easily and can be put in a treat and are easy to give to him. The product has been very effective for him. He used to limp due to being a large dog and 9 years old. Now he runs and plays and has no limp. Great product, will never switch!”

21st Century™ Essential Pet™ Fish Oil Professional Strength


Have been using this now for 6+ months – long hair doxie. She was losing her hair so much you could see her skin and the hair consistency was coarse. After many tests at the vet and finding nothing, I was at a loss. I read about the benefits of fish oil and decided to try it. Very glad I did! I started using It over 6 months ago. I noticed a difference in about 30-45 days with full hair growth in about 3 months. I will continue giving it to her! It has made an incredible difference! Beautiful coat! Her hair has grown back and it feels much nicer! I highly recommend this.”

21st Century™ Essential Pet™ Senior Chews™ Daily Multi-Vitamin & Mineral Dog Chewables


I have a senior Labrador and she LOVES these vitamins! Her coat is healthier and she has more energy. To be honest, she’s 13 years old…and doesn’t look a day over 8 years old. I tried her on the Senior vitamins that they sell in the store (GNC) and she did not like them at all…and they were more expensive. Let’s be honest…sometimes you pay for the brand…not the actual product itself.”

21st Century™ Essential Pet™ Salmon Oil Alaska Wild® Skin & Coat Soft Cat Chews

“Think I’m going to love this!

I picked up a 100 count bucket of this at my local Pet Smart, specifically for a male cat that “over grooms” himself. Now all three of my cats and my dog get these as a treat every night, all of them chew it so no mess in the food bowls. My problem kitty is growing his hair back (after years) and all of their coats look better. Made in the USA, and no really nasty ingredients.”

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