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5 Ways to Show Your Pet You Love Them

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It’s no secret that we’re pet-lovers around here and showing our animal friends affection is something that comes pretty naturally to us. We’re always looking for new reasons to show our pets some love, though, and lucky for us, Valentine’s day is just around the corner!

This Valentine’s Day, skip the red roses and chocolates (for obvious reasons). Showing your pet how much you love them doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Check out our 5 simple ideas for showering your pet with love this year.

5 Ways to Show Your Pet You Love Them

1. Make a homemade special treat

Who doesn’t abso-woof-ly love a homemade treat? Making a special treat for your pet is an act of love that will surely get your pet’s tail wagging. These homemade dog biscuits are guaranteed to get two paws up from Fido.

2. Do something they love

Nothing says “I love you” like a little bit of quality time together. What does your pet love doing, more than anything else? Perhaps it’s a thorough brushing, going for a ride, or just chilling together on the couch. Make some time to do the one thing that makes your pet happiest, and you’re sure to be rewarded with plenty of purring and wagging. If you’re not sure what your pet’s favorite thing is, try a few new games together, buy a new toy for them to try, or check out a new park in your area. Watch your pet’s reactions- it won’t be hard to tell when you’ve found something they really love!

3. Incorporate daily supplements

Is there a better way to love our pets than to give them something that tastes good and is good for them? A daily multivitamin or supplement makes a good substitute for treats that carry few to no health benefits, and with great savory flavors, we promise your pet will be none the wiser.

4. Begin a dental care regimen

Okay, so your furry companion might not care so much for this recommendation, but proper dental care is imperative for their overall health. February is Dental Health Month for pets, making this the purr-fect time to either begin a dental care regimen or step up your current one. Ideally, dental care will have its place in your daily routine, but if your pet’s teeth haven’t had much attention up until this point, you can start out by scheduling an exam and cleaning with your veterinarian. He or she will be able to give you instructions for beginning a dental care regimen for your pet.

5. Talk to them

Recent studies have shown that our pets understand human language better than previously believed, and speaking to them out loud is a great way to reinforce your bond. Spend some time talking about your day, telling your pet why you love them, or even reading to them (check out our list of pet-themed reading, for fun!). If you’re not feeling very chatty, that’s okay. Our pets are excellent at reading facial expressions and picking up on nonverbal cues, also. No matter how you communicate with your pet, they’ll pick up on your emotions, and mirror them back to you.

Here’s to a Valentine’s Day filled with whiskered kisses and plenty of furry snuggles! Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at 21st Essential Pet!

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