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Why Does My Cat Do That? 4 Mysterious Cat Behaviors Decoded

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Cute white, orange, and brown striped cat looking at camera

They live among us, but they can still be so mysterious sometimes. Our purr-fect little friends assimilate into our lives so nicely, but sometimes their behavior can leave us scratching our heads. If you’ve ever wondered why your cat randomly sprints around your house or what they might be trying to tell you with their litter box behavior, allow us to enlighten you.

4 Mysterious Cat Behaviors Decoded

Frequent Grooming

why does my cat do that; grey striped cat licking paw

Cats are known to be very clean creatures, so it’s not uncommon to catch your cat in the middle of a bath multiple times each day. For some cats, grooming can be a soothing activity and often means they’re feeling comfortable. Grooming keeps your cat’s coat shiny and beautiful. Regularly bathing themselves and even trimming their nails via nail biting is generally not cause for concern, unless it becomes more frequent. Excessive grooming could be a sign that your cat has a skin issue or is stressed.

Of course, if you have concerns about your cat’s grooming habits, it’s a good idea to consult your vet. Your cat may not love leaving the house, but a quick checkup can help rule out any medical issues.

Random Running

grey and white cat running outdoors

It’s a scene all too familiar for cat owners: you’re lying in bed trying to fall asleep when you hear your cat racing about your home. Affectionately dubbed “cat zoomies” by the masses across the internet, your cat’s random wind sprints are probably nothing to be concerned about. If you’ve ruled out the possibility that your kitty is chasing prey in your home (cringe!), you can probably just assume that they’re expelling some pent-up energy.

Poor Litter Box Etiquette

orange cat hiding head

Anyone who has owned a cat knows that their nonverbal pet is able to speak volumes through their litter box behavior. Opting to use areas other than the litter box or leaving poop uncovered are all possible signs that you’ve said or done something to upset your cat. It’s also possible that their litter box is too small or the litter you’re using bothers them in some way. Try making some changes to their litter box environment to see if you can purr-suade them to use their litter box appropriately again. If all else fails, a heartfelt apology and a tasty and healthy treat is never a bad idea…


black and white cat, mouth open

Has your cat ever carried on a conversation with you? It’s not uncommon for our felines to greet us with a short, upbeat “meow.” If you mimic the sound back to them, there’s a good chance they’ll respond to you with another clipped “meow.” This is your cat’s way of conversing with you and should be considered a pleasant conversation.

Our cats are such smart, independent creatures, few of their behaviors are without reason. If you notice any change in your cat’s behavior, or if any of their behaviors become concerning, please visit your vet immediately.

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