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Low-Shedding Cat Breeds

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Whether you’ve stashed lint rollers strategically throughout your home or you’ve resigned yourself to the fact that your cat’s fur is simply part of your wardrobe now, you’ve probably dealt with the universal struggle most cat lovers face: shedding. A little bit of cat hair (or a lot, depending upon your cat) is a small price to pay for the friendship of our lovely felines, but let’s face it, it’s probably not your favorite thing to deal with. Luckily, there are low-shedding cat breeds out there.

If you’re interested in adding a cat to your household but are hesitant because of shedding, one of these low-shedding cat breeds might be your purr-fect companion.

Low-Shedding Cat Breeds


low shedding cat breeds, bengal cat outdoors

The beautiful Bengal cat has a short, tight coat that requires little maintenance. This makes them a great choice for allergy sufferers as cat saliva (from bathing) is another common irritant, and they tend to spend less time grooming themselves. The Bengal’s exotic markings paired with their active and playful disposition make them a great match for anyone looking for a house cat with a big personality.


low shedding cat breeds, birman, white and grey cat

Birmans are known as a “non-matting” breed of cats, meaning their coat also requires less grooming. A gentle weekly combing will keep your Birman looking beautiful and shedding to a minimum. Calm and affectionate, the Birman is a friendly feline who can get along well with other cats or even a dog.

Cornish Rex

low shedding cat breeds cornish rex, white and grey cat with green eyes

The Cornish Rex has short, wavy hair that lies close to its body. Although their hair is thin, they are remarkably soft- that’s because they only have down hair, which is what makes up the undercoat of other cats. In addition to its distinctive coat, the Cornish Rex is also known for its dainty figure.

Russian Blue

low shedding cat breeds russian blue, grey cat blue eyes sitting on yellow blanket

Russian Blues are known to shed a couple of times a year for a 2-3 week window. With weekly combing, you won’t notice much abandoned hair from a Russian Blue. The striking blue-gray feline is quite trainable, although reserved when in the presence of strangers.


low shedding cat breeds siamese

The elegant Siamese has earned its place in the hearts of many with its distinctive markings and social temperament, but many don’t realize just how low-maintenance the Siamese cat is in terms of grooming. A once-weekly combing is enough to keep shedding at bay for this short-haired breed. The Siamese is an intelligent and vocal cat with personality to spare.


low shedding cat breeds sphynx

Last but certainly not least, the “hairless” Sphynx is another low-, or virtually non-, shedding cat breed. Upon close inspection, you’ll notice that the Sphynx does indeed have a layer of fine hair, just not very much of it. Because they don’t have a full coat to absorb excess body oil, they require regular bathing to avoid clogged pores or oil stains on furniture and clothing.

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