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Summer Bucket List for Pet Owners

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Little boy wearing blue shorts leaning against a fence next to a white and brown cat and a fawn colored dog

The school year is ending, temperatures are rising, and the days are getting longer… the summer season is quickly approaching! We always want to make the most out of every season with our pets, but there is something special about the summertime that calls us to slow down and enjoy every little thing. Not sure what to do to make this summer a special one with your pet? We’ve got you covered with our summer bucket list. It’s sure to get tails wagging!

Before the dog days of summer have passed, make sure you’ve crossed at least a few of these off of your list.

Summer Bucket List for Pet Owners

Participate in local pet-friendly events

golden retriever being pet by small girl and others

Do you have any pet-friendly events happening in your area? From festivals to farmer’s markets, pets make any outing a special one. Not only will you enjoy some time with your BFF (best furry friend), you might also make some new friends! A cute dog or cat is the absolute best conversation starter among fellow pet-lovers.

Visit area parks and attractions

1 black and white french bulldog and 1 black french bulldog on a leash, looking at camera, with woman's legs in the background.

Is there an attraction nearby that you haven’t visited yet? Many state parks and recreation areas are pet-friendly, as long as your pet is properly leashed.

Go hiking

cream colored dog standing on a log overlooking a beautiful water landscape

If your pup is up for adventure, a brisk stroll on a hiking trail could be right up his alley. Beware, though: the fresh air coupled with the serene scenery could make hiking an addictive new hobby for both of you. (Psst- if mobility is a concern for your dog, check out our selection of paw-some hip & joint supplements.)



Make cat/pup-sicles

white dog wearing red and blue sunglasses, licking its face

Nothing helps beat the heat like a frozen treat! Show your pet how much you care by making a special frozen treat just for them. Simply freeze a serving of canned dog or cat food and serve it up as a tasty surprise when it’s too hot to be outdoors.

Go camping

german shepherd laying in a tent

Nothing screams “summer” quite like a weekend of camping. Whether you’ll be camping in an RV or a tent, be sure to pack all of your pet’s necessities such as food and dishes, their leash, medications, supplements, bedding, and a crate- just in case you need to use it. It’s also important to make sure that the information on their tags or microchip is up to date, just in case you happen to get separated. (For more on pet loss prevention, read this.)

Run in an obstacle course race

dark coated dog jumping over an obstacle

Does your pet love a challenge? Training together for an obstacle course race is a great way to bond with your dog. Cats may not be as interested in running an obstacle course race outside of the home, but you can reap the same benefits by setting up a home obstacle course to burn off excess energy and beat summer boredom.

Learn a new trick

long coated dog laying in grass with ball in mouth

School may be out, but that doesn’t mean the learning should end! Summer is a great time to teach your pet a new trick. Not sure what to work on? Check out these four fun tricks to teach your cat or these three fun games to play with your dog for some inspiration.

Have a spaw day

small dog with pink flower in hair

We all enjoy a little pampering every once in a while! Why not give your pet the spaw treatment with a massage, pawdicure, and a bath?

No matter how you choose to enjoy the summer with your pet, we wish you a season filled with slobbery kisses, wagging tails, and plenty of fun.

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