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5 Cat Breeds That Love Water

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Cat walking cement wall overlooking water. 5 Cat Breeds That Love Water

Of all of our beloved pets, cats tend to be the most mysterious and consequently, are a lightning rod for widely perpetuated myths and rumors. Just a few of the most common misconceptions about cats that spring to mind are that they can’t be trained, they are less affectionate than dogs, and that they always land on their feet. However, possibly the most widely accepted falsehood about cats is that they hate water. Whoever said that clearly hadn’t met one of these 5 breeds.

If you’re looking for a cat that isn’t afraid to get its paws a little wet, look no further than one of these five breeds.

5 Cat Breeds That Love Water

Turkish Van

Turkish Van cat laying in a bathroom sink Cat Breeds That Love Water

The Turkish Van didn’t come by its nickname “the swimming cat” by chance. These long-haired cats love to explore any body of water they encounter, from puddles on the ground to water dishes and even toilets. Their water-resistant coat coupled with their long bodies and rounded paws helps them move through the water with ease.


Bengal_cat sitting on a rock drinking water 5 Cat Breeds That Love Water

Don’t be surprised if your Bengal cat decides to accompany you the next time you run a bath. This low-shedding, exotically-marked cat often prefers to dip its paws and swat at things floating on the water’s surface, but some do enjoy actually submersing themselves entirely in water.

Maine Coon

Maine_Coon_Cat_5 Cat Breeds That Love Water Maine coon cat sitting on a bed


The Maine Coon often served as pest control on New England ships. Their hearty build and medium to long water-resistant coat made them well-adapted to cold and wet weather. This playful cat loves water antics of all sorts, including but not limited to splashing in their water dishes with their paws, dunking favorite toys, spilling their dishes, and using their paws as scoops to drink from.

Norwegian Forest Cat

Norwegian_Forest_Cat_5 Cat Breeds That Love Water

Hearty and strong, just like the Viking cats they descended from, the Norwegian Forest Cat (aka “Wegies”) is nearly fearless. Like many of the other cats on this list, they boast a dense, water-resistant coat that helps them stay warm and dry. The Wegie is a skilled fisher and hunter, and has no aversion to getting its paws a little wet, or even going for a dip altogether.

American Bobtail

American_Bobtail_5 Cat Breeds That Love Water

Nicknamed “the golden retriever of the cat world,” American Bobtails are athletic and eager around water. These kitties are highly trainable and love their families- much like the dogs they bear surprising similarities to. Don’t be surprised to find your water running if your American Bobtail has been in the room. They’ve been known to turn faucets on to satisfy their water fascination!

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