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Is Your Dog Ready for Advanced Training?

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Brightly-colored folders are on deep discount and back-to-school fliers abound… The summer season is drawing to an end and it’s back-to-school time. This busy season is notoriously dreaded by school children, and sometimes even our pets who are prone to missing their pack when they go back to school. Why not take the time to do something special for your pup? Now is a great time to think about sending your four-legged kid back to school!

Back-to-school blues can get your pup down, but having something to occupy their mind can lift their spirits. If your dog has already completed a basic obedience training program, now is the time to consider trying a more advanced program.

Is Your Dog Ready for Advanced Training?

Knowledge of basic commands

If your dog has already mastered the basics (come, sit, stay, down, etc.) and is able to display good manners around other people and dogs, there’s no reason to not attempt more rigorous training. As long as you’re able to maintain control of your pup when you’re in a class, taking on a new challenge together can be really rewarding.

Quality time

No bones about it- training takes time! Luckily for you and your dog, tackling more training means a boost in quality time spent together- a happy side-effect that can help reassure your pooch as they work toward building new skills. Jumping into a new training program will require plenty of patience and time from both of you.

Choosing the right kind of training

Once your pup knows the basics, you have plenty of options for further training. Choose the one that fits your family’s lifestyle and your pooch the best. Here are just a few options to look into:

  • Agility Training

    • Agility training is a good option for athletic dogs with plenty of energy to burn. This kind of training centers on mastering obstacle courses and requires focus and skill. That being said, agility training can be customized to fit the dog and the human. This is a good fit for dogs who crave an outlet for their energy, need a task to occupy their mind, and families who value an active lifestyle.

  • Canine Good Citizen

    • If you’re less concerned with your pup’s mastery of tricks and more concerned about having a well-mannered dog, you might consider tackling the Canine Good Citizen. The AKC’s Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Test is a 10-step test for good behavior. This test assesses your dog’s skills as they relate to day-to-day life skills. Tests include:

      • greeting a friendly stranger
      • sitting politely while being pet
      • allowing someone to check their ears and feet
      • walking on a loose lead
      • walking through a crowd
      • sit, down, and stay on command
      • coming when called
      • meeting another dog
      • reaction to distractions
      • supervised separation

Attaining the CGC is a prerequisite for many therapy dog groups, and is even becoming an increasingly popular requirement for rental properties.

  • Vocational training

    • Does your dog need a job? Vocational training refers to the kind of training required for dogs who will go out into the world to perform a task. This kind of specialized training hinges on what you need your dog to do. From hunting to guarding, therapy to rescue services, there are many jobs that your four-legged companion can have.

The pursuit of education doesn’t have to be left to the humans in your pack! Implementing further training for your dog can be beneficial to their health, wellness, and happiness.

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