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5 E-Collar Halloween Costumes for Dogs

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Howl-oween is just around the corner. If you’ve been wondering what to do with your dog’s used e-collar that you’ve had stashed away, check out these costume ideas! We guarantee your pup will be the life of any Halloween party in these cute and simple ensembles.

5 E-Collar Halloween Costumes for Dogs


dog cone flower costume. tan dog with yellow and orange flower petals around head

This one is simple! Just cut petals from paper and adhere them to the inside of the cone. Your pup can be whatever kind of flower you desire, so play around with various petal sizes, shapes, and colors! Tip: make sure the paper isn’t too thick or heavy- it may prevent the cone from flexing to fit around your pup.


martini dog costume, tan dog with blue collar with foam olives attached

Dry, dirty, shaken, or stirred… it doesn’t matter. This cute get-up is paws-itively a crowd-pleaser. Simply adhere a wooden dowel to the inside of the cone and add two olives (you can cut these out of green and red felt or construction paper).

Air Bud, is that you?

If your dog’s got game, why not show it? Using orange paint, add a narrow stripe around the top of the cone (this will be the rim). Cut out a cardboard backboard, glue it to the back of the cone, and voila! You’ve got a basketball star!

The reception is a little fuzzy…

tan dog with e-collar with dish logo on the side

Simply spray paint the cone white or grey and add a logo of your choice!

If dogs could talk…

tan dog with e-collar with a thought bubble on it that says "somebody said there would be treats."

Does your dog have something on his mind? This simple idea requires a permanent marker and almost no time to put together. Simply add a thought bubble and your dog’s message to the inside of their cone!

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