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Winter Weather Must-Haves for Your Dog

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Black and brown dog carrying a stick outdoors in the snow. Winter Weather Must-Haves for Your Dog

If you live in an area of the country with brutal winters, you’re likely already aware… winter is on its way. As the temps begin to dip, it’s important to make sure you and your dog are prepared. We’ve got a list of essentials that will help make this season of freezin’ bearable (dare we say- enjoyable?) for you and your pooch.

Don’t venture into winter without these must-haves.

Winter Weather Must-Haves for Your Dog


You wouldn’t go out in the snow and wind without a coat, would you? Generally speaking, our dogs wear their coat year-round and do just fine for brief periods of time in the cold. However, if you plan to be outside for an extended period of time, adding another layer of warmth isn’t a bad idea. For those days when the frigid temps are more on the side of brisk than unbearable, a jacket should do the trick. On days when it’s really cold, a heavier coat is ideal.

Skin and coat care

Between the bitter cold air outdoors and the dry air from indoor heat, itchy and uncomfortable skin can be an issue. Fight flaky and dry skin from the inside out with a high-quality skin and coat supplement and avoid over-bathing. When a bath is absolutely unavoidable, it’s a good idea to use a moisturizing shampoo to avoid drying out your pup’s skin. For more information on dealing with dry and itchy skin, check out this blog.

Paw Pad Protection

Extreme winter weather can cause dryness and cracking on your dog’s paw pads. Between the dry air and salt or de-icing chemicals applied to sidewalks, your pup’s paws might need a little extra TLC. Applying a layer of paw pad protector before venturing out into the winter wonderland can help keep your pup’s feet healthy and comfortable. Our paw pad protector can also be used as a moisturizer to soothe and condition dog-tired feet.

Always wipe your pooch’s paws when coming back indoors to remove any ice, snow, ice melt, or other contaminants. Drying their feet will help keep them comfortable and possibly prevent the growth of odor-causing bacteria.

Outdoor safety items

As the days get shorter, there’s a good chance your pup will be outdoors in the dark on occasion (think evening walks or bedtime bathroom trips). Outdoor safety items such as a collar light will help you keep your eyes on Fido, even on the darkest night. For evening walks, a reflective leash can make you and your pup more visible to drivers and keep you both safe.

Engaging indoor toys

Make no bones about it- sometimes the weather is just too cold to get outside. Stock up on fun toys for the days when old man winter keeps you and your pooch home-bound. It’s important to have engaging toys to help burn off some steam and prevent boredom and/or destructive behavior. We really like toys that give dogs an outlet for their physical and mental energy. Puzzle toys encourage problem-solving skills while high-quality chew toys give your dog a chance to sit and gnaw their energy away. A good variety of your dog’s favorite types of toys can help curb cabin fever and make the best out of blustery days spent indoors.

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