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The Spooky Facts About Halloween and Pets

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Halloween 2020 may be different from previous years. The Centers for Disease Control and prevention advised against traditional trick or treating this year and suggested Halloween theme scavenger hunts at home or placing prefilled treat bags to the end of the driveway for kids to pick up. Although there may not be a parade of ghosts and goblins impatiently seeking treats, there are still some things you should do to prepare for your dog or cat in the event of spooky visitors.

Even the friendliest pet can be frightened by a crazy costum eat the door. To minimize the potential for anxiety, keep them in a quiet room, away from the front door or even put them in their regular crate. To decrease the potential for reactions to loud scary noises tha tcan put them on edge, turn up the television or radio a bit.

Pets may escape while you are distracted with treat-seeking goblins. Ensure that your pet is wearing an up-to-date ID tag and all contact information on the microchip is current. It is safer to keep all pets indoors, especially ones with dark coats.

Don’t feed your dog’s Halloween candy, especially if it contains chocolate or xylitol, a common sugar substitute found in sugar-free candies and gum. Keep candy and other tid bits out of reach and remember that dogs and cats can be sneaky (like me)when it comes to finding not-so-well-hidden goodies.

The ASPCA recommends to only dress your pet in a costume if they like it. If you do, be careful that it does not interfere with movement, sight, hearing or breathing. Inspect the clothing carefully to ensure there are no choking hazards or parts that can be inhaled or swallowed. Find out if your dog or cat actually enjoys the costume before the big night or is at least kind enough to put up with your whims for a few hours. Never leave a pet unsupervised while wearing a costume.

Keep lit candles, jack-o-lanterns and glow sticks and jewelry out of reach. Although the liquid in glow products isn’t likely toxic, it can cause pets to salivate excessively and act peculiarly.

So how do you make Halloween fun for you and your pet this year? Buy or safely make a new Halloween-themed toy. Carve a puppy or  kitten pumpkin. Watch a scary movie with your pet (in the dark).

I like Hallows Eve and will miss indulging on peanut butter cups secreted away from treat bowls or grandkids’ candy-stuffed bags. But you can still have fun. Just be mindful how any Halloween festivities might affect your pets and try not to eat so much candy and junk that you explode.

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