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Tips For Holiday Travel With Your Pet

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It goes without saying that our pets are our family. You may have even cringed at the word “pet.” Our fur babies are so much more than that!

So, with the holiday season rolling around, it’s only natural that you feel inclined to bring your fur baby with you on your holiday travels.

While you’re busy planning out your socially-distant holiday festivities, we’re here to help make it easier to bring your pet with you! With these tips about how to best travel with your pet during the holidays, you’ll be more than ready to travel with your beloved, fur baby. 

Traveling with Your Pet: 101 

Similar to us, our pets are born with their own set of quirks. It’s important here to leverage what you know about your animal. Do they have allergies? Do they get car sick? Do they have anxiety? Are they attached to a particular toy? You know your pet (aka child) the best, so make sure you take their needs into consideration when planning your trip! 

If you’ve never traveled with your pet before, then we advise preparing for the worst-case scenario. 

If you’re traveling by car, make sure you pack:

  • A dog bed — or whatever your pet needs to be comfortable!
  • Portable water bowl 
  • Food, treats, and snacks
  • Car sickness medication — whichever one is the best fit for your pet!
  • Your fur baby’s favorite toy
  • Any medication that your pet takes daily
  • Doggie bags — for when your pet does their business
  • Leash 
  • Sweater and mittens — especially if you’re traveling somewhere cold!
  • First-aid supplies
  • Identification papers — in case your fur baby gets lost!
  • Animal’s health certificate — if you’re traveling across state borders! 

Traveling with Your Pet: Precautions and Tips 

Beyond getting your pet road trip ready, we have a few more tips to share to ensure that your travels go smoothly.

  • Drive safely — make sure your co-pilot is safe by driving carefully and abiding by any road safety rules.
  • Make plenty of stops — you’ll not only need to stretch your legs, but so will your pet! Plus, they’ll probably also appreciate a potty break.
  • Regularly give your fur baby water and snacks — it can be easy to forget on those long drives!
  • Try to avoid leaving your pet alone — or, as little as possible. If you want to take your dog on a trip, don’t cause them unnecessary stress by leaving them alone in an unfamiliar place for hours! 
  • Minimize your pet’s stress by bringing the household items they love, i.e., bed, toys, and blankets. Once you’re at your destination, take your pet on walks, and give them all the snuggles!
  • If traveling by air, talk to your veterinarian. Not every animal is equipped to travel on a plane, so consider your pet’s health and travel requirements with your vet. 

When traveling with your pet…

Above all, be realistic if your pet should travel with you. If traveling causes unnecessary stress or affects your pet’s health, then reconsider alternate holiday travel plans. 

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