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A Christmas Wish List from Your Dog

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Dear Human,

I’m sure you already know this, but I’ve been a very good pup this year. I’m also sure you’ve noticed that I’ve promptly alerted you to all suspicious outdoor activity, the food crumbs on the dining room floor have been kept to an all-time low, and I’ve done my part to keep us all healthy.

I can’t help but notice that it’s that time of year when you drag that over-sized stick into our house and forbid me from chasing the sparkly balls you hang from it- which means two of my favorite things are about to happen: food and gifts. Now, I know you already know what kinds of food I like (and what I can’t have, also), but in case you were wondering what I would like to find in my stocking this year, I have a few ideas for you.

A Christmas Wish List from Your Dog

Great tasting supplements

Did you know they make supplements to help support my overall health? What’s even better- I hear they taste great! There are mobility support supplements, salmon oil to keep my coat glossy and healthy, and even calming supplements for those times when I’m feeling a little nervous.

A dental chew

You know brushing my teeth isn’t my favorite, but it’s a necessary evil. Do you think you could put a toy in my stocking that might make it easier? This one looks like it would be a lot of fun and super effective.

New toys

My current toy stash is great, but it’s never a bad idea to spice things up a little bit. A nosework mat can make mealtime fun and engaging for me and keep me from eating too quickly (you know how excited I can get about my food!). It also engages my natural hunting and scent-detection instincts. Puzzle toys are also a great way to help me burn some energy and sharpen my problem-solving skills.

My own sofa

Think about it… if I had my own sofa, I wouldn’t be begging for a spot on yours! I’ll take one for each room in the house, please.

Something to help me get through the day without you

I know you get frustrated when you come home to the occasional, ahem, mishap. I just miss you so much, and there’s something about rummaging through the trash and destroying your good throw pillows that calms me. I know you can’t be here with me all of the time, but if we had something like this, you could check in on me via your phone, talk to me, and even toss me a treat when I’m being a good doggo. Which, really, is almost all of the time.

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