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Category: Healthcare

Dogs | May 1, 2020

Homemade Pill Pockets

The life of a pet parent is equal parts; don’t eat that, combined with PLEASE eat this. The second part comes into play, especially when attempting to medicate our pups, […]

Cats and Dogs | December 5, 2019

CRITTER CHATTER: Spending the Holidays with Pets

The holiday season is a time for parties, traveling, spending extra moments with friends and family and eating (usually too much). As you prepare for the upcoming holidays and special […]

Cats and Dogs | November 11, 2019

CRITTER CHATTER: Preparing for Winter

And it’s sure been a cold, cold winter; and the wind ain’t been blowing from the south The Rolling Stones Winter We’ve had three nights of frost warnings and a […]

Cats | October 15, 2019

CRITTER CHATTER: Preparing for Kittens

  The three little kittens, they lost their mittens, And they began to cry, “Oh, mother dear, we sadly fear, That we have lost our mittens.” As soon as you […]

Dogs | October 7, 2019

How to Soothe Your Dog’s Itchy Skin

Leaves are falling, pumpkin spice abounds, and there is a chill in the air. There’s no denying it; fall is here… and so are the cold-weather issues that come along […]

Cats | September 30, 2019

Are Essential Oils Safe for Pets?

Essential oil use has skyrocketed over the past decade and it’s easy to see why. The latest trend in home and health looks really good on paper: they’re all-natural, chemical-free, […]

Cats and Dogs | September 5, 2019

CRITTER CHATTER: Getting Ready for Fall

The falling leaves drift by my window The autumn leaves, of red and gold Eric Clapton Autumn Leaves It’s 79° here in Vermont with clear blue skies and light winds from […]

Cats and Dogs | August 21, 2019

CRITTER CHATTER: Caring for Senior Pets

“But now the days grow short. I’m in the autumn of the year, and now I think of my life as vintage wine from fine old kegs.” -It Was a […]