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Meet our NEW Pet Celebrities: Simon and Sparky

21st Century Animal HealthCare is excited to introduce you to two very important furry friends of ours: Simon and Sparky.

Simon (#MEOW) and Sparky (#WOOF) are what we like to call our “Pet Celebrities”. They’ve recently joined us as spokes-pets to add fun, knowledge and adventure to our social media communities. Both Simon and Sparky will be blogging and posting directly to our blog, Facebook and Twitter pages as themselves.

Meet SimonSIMON is a beautiful, furry feline that knows her stuff. She is recognized for being a smarty-cat and is frequently sought after for advice and expertise in many fields. Simon enjoys observing her surrounds, loves a good challenge and tries to learn something new each day. It’s not uncommon to see Simon relaxing in the windowsill with the hot sun upon her back. She loves sweet treats (cat-nip, of course) and the holidays. Simon grew up in a wonderful household and now lives in Phoenix, Arizona. She thinks she came from France originally and likes to be called SIMONE (pronounced C moan) but we just call her Simon since she really acts like Simon Says all the time. It’s her way or the high way, as we are sure other cat owners will understand.

– Simon’s Favorite Essential Pet Product: Hairball Chews because no cat likes hairballs and this stuff really works!



Meet SparkySPARKY is a 6-year-old mixed breed adventurous canine with a wealth of street and pound smarts. Sparky is friendly, sociable, handsome and well-traveled. He enjoys sports and likes to take walks as often as possible. Sparky can be found frequently enjoying treats, wagging his tail and socializing with friends. He makes friends easily and wants to spend his days enjoying life and making people smile.

– Sparky’s Favorite Essential Pet Product: Sparky loves the Dry Ear Powder for Dogs. He suffers from dry ear, itching and discharge. He’s had a lot of luck with this product!


Stay tuned for introductory posts from Simon and Sparky! They’re excited to share their stories with us.

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