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Get Ready for July 4th with Calming Support

We’re just going to cut to the chase and ask: Have you ever used calming support supplements to help your pet deal with uncomfortable situations like 4th of July fireworks? If yes, you already know the many benefits to using this natural and effective approach to soothing your pet. If no, keep reading and we’ll help you understand why we stand by our Essential Pet Pet-EZE products exclusively available at PetSmart stores nationwide.

Heeler Mix Breed Dog with Flag Bandanna

Here’s how it works: Pet-EZE contains ingredients that have been proven to help soothe pets in uncomfortable situations. Like many things, it can take time to see the full effect of the calming support. We recommend administering these delicious chews to your pets at least a few days before the uncomfortable event. Head out to PetSmart now and start giving your dog or cat Pet-EZE in preparation for the big day. Don’t forget to read the directions on the package. Depending on the size of you pet, they might need more than one dose per day.

Dogs and cats can benefit from calming support from Essential Pet products. Both dogs and cats find large crowds, unexpected car rides and loud noises disturbing. Offer your pet a calming support product to help them get through these tough times. Whether you have a small, medium or large sized dog, we’ve got you covered with Pet-EZE Soft Chews. We also have Pet-EZE Paw Paste for cats formulated by veterinarians. For smaller cats you apply approximately one inch of paste to cat’s paw once daily. For larger cats, apply approximately one inch of paste two times daily. Be sure to read the instructions before beginning any new pet care product.

Does you pet hate fireworks? Try Pet-EZE and let us know how they do this year. And remember that there are other things you can do in addition to offer a calming support supplement. Stay tuned for another blog post with specific recommendations on what to do when the fireworks are taunting your furry friend.

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