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Dogs | March 19, 2018

6 Tips To Help Calm a Nervous Dog

Pacing, shaking, cowering, and unexpected indoor accidents. It’s not hard to identify a nervous dog, but knowing the best way to help them cope is a different story. If you’ve […]

Dogs | January 9, 2018

Resolving Indoor Pet Accidents

Congratulations! Your pet is finally house trained. You’ve got a steady routine in place for regular bathroom breaks, he goes right away when you let him out, and it’s been […]

Cats | October 2, 2017

Halloween Tips for Pet Owners

Dear Reader, There are a few important topics that we frequently discuss year after year and one of those is Halloween. There are many reasons why pet owners love Halloween. […]

Cats | June 22, 2016

Get Ready for July 4th with Calming Support

We’re just going to cut to the chase and ask: Have you ever used calming support supplements to help your pet deal with uncomfortable situations like 4th of July fireworks? […]