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Halloween Tips for Pet Owners

Dear Reader,

There are a few important topics that we frequently discuss year after year and one of those is Halloween. There are many reasons why pet owners love Halloween. One reason is obvious; it’s super fun. However, there are things around this Holiday that we need to be aware of. One motive is because some pets get anxious during the holidays – and we have recommendations for that. Another motive is that some of our furry friends make bad decisions during this time of the year! In this blog post and in previous, we are going to cover several of these things in hopes that we can help your pets have a great Halloween this year! Thank you for reading our fun blog. We really appreciate it.

-From the 21st Century Animal Healthcare Pack

 Once the calendar reads fall many people get eager for Halloween festivities. Party planning is underway, stores are stocking their shelves with candy galore and millions of Americans are planning their best costume attire. A lot of pet parents are thinking about the holiday as it relates to their pets. We are with you.

Here are a few things to keep in mind this Halloween:

Don’t forget to keep the candy away from your furry friends. Year-after-year pets end up in the emergency room after accidental candy ingestion. Try to keep the candy off the floor and away from areas where pets can access it. Remind children in the household that candy is not a good treat to give your pet.

1. A pet can easily escape when you open the door to trick-or-treaters. Keep a close eye on your pet or put them in another room. Don’t forget proper identification on their collar, just in case. Make sure all of your information is up to date. Pets can be jumpy, especially when they are nervous when the doorbell rings every 30 seconds!

2. Halloween can be stressful for may pets. Like fireworks on Independence Day, a lot of noise can cause a pet to panic. Anything out of the ordinary can make your pets nervous and scared. If you have a nervous pet, we have a solution for you. 21st Century offers calming support to your pets during these stressful times.

3. To dress up or not to dress up. Does your pet enjoy wearing Halloween costumes? Some costumes can be comfy to your furry friend and some are not. Take a close look at the costume before you make a purchase. Make sure it is breathable and not a choking hazard to your pet.

Have fun and be safe no matter what holiday you are celebrating!

 Do you have any Halloween advice for pet owners like yourself? Share your tips or cute Halloween pics with us on our furry Facebook page. We’d love to hear from you. Have a happy Halloween!

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