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Pet-Friendly Home Decor Tips

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Pet-Friendly Home Decor Tips

Pillowy, puddling drapes. Expensive Persian rugs. There are some home decor trends that many pet owners wouldn’t even consider attempting. But we’re here to tell you that a beautiful home and a pet-friendly home don’t have to be mutually exclusive. If you’ve ever felt like you have to choose between your pet and your home decor style, these tips were written for you.

Incorporate a regular cleaning routine

A clean home is a beautiful home. It’s important to find and employ a good cleaning routine to specifically address pet concerns. Also, make sure your pet is being groomed and bathed regularly to cut down on the dirt, hair, and odors they leave behind.

Furniture protection is key

The most practical thing you can do when picking out soft furnishings is to match them to your pet’s fur. But what if your heart says ‘ultra-chic white sofa’ but your black lab’s fur says ‘no way’?. Washable slipcovers to the rescue! You can find durable slipcovers in all colors and styles, to fit any piece of furniture or decor taste. Be sure to select a high-quality stain-resistant fabric, to guarantee that you will enjoy it for many years to come.

If your pet prefers your bed to their own, it’s a good idea to take some protective measures for your bedding. A moisture-resistant mattress pad can prevent permanent mattress damage from accidents. When selecting bedding, avoid quilts or large bedspreads; they can be difficult to launder. Instead, consider a duvet cover. They are available in many colors and styles, and are easy to wash.

Check the chaos at the door

If you have a pet who goes in and out often, it’s a good idea to create a pet station at the door. Organization is key; you’ll want hooks for leashes and shelves or baskets for supplies, toys, outdoor apparel, and a towel or wipes for cleaning muddy paws. If you’re crafty, this can be a great opportunity to put your DIY skills to work with a couple of simple projects.

Don’t block the view

Do you have a bird/people/nature watcher? Make sure you don’t block your pet’s access to their favorite window with anything you wouldn’t want them climbing or sitting on. Also, consider roman shades or attractive blinds in lieu of longer drapes, which can attract fur, dust, debris, or the attention of an adventurous climber.

Pet furniture is part of the decor scheme, too

Remember, anything that is seen in your home is part of your decor scheme. It is possible to choose pet accessories that are comfortable and functional for your pet and complimentary to your style. When selecting pet items for your home, ask yourself if it ties into your existing decor and if it fits your pet’s needs.

Safety first

It goes without saying that you want your home to be the safest and healthiest place for your whole family. Double check to make sure all windows that open have secure screens to prevent escape or an accidental fall, check your furniture arrangement to make sure your pet can’t knock over anything heavy onto themselves, and always know what your pet has access to. Make it a habit to double check any item you bring into your home to ensure it is non-toxic to your pet.

While we may dream of beautifully decorated, spotless homes, we wouldn’t trade our furry family members for anything and we know you wouldn’t either. What are some things that work in your home to keep your whole family happy and comfortable? Share your favorite tips with us here!

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