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How to Stop Your Dog from Jumping

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Weimaraner puppy jumping up on person

It’s one of the most common questions dog trainers are asked: how can I stop my dog from jumping? Nearly every dog jumps when greeting their owners or guests at some point, and although some people might not mind (and might even play along, encouraging the behavior), it can be a problematic habit to form. Like with most behaviors, teaching appropriate greetings is possible through consistent training and positive reinforcement.

In order to prevent the behavior, we have to first understand it.

How to Stop Your Dog from Jumping

Why they do it

When two dogs first meet, they say hello by sniffing each other’s faces. This is polite, deferential behavior in their world; it’s their way of greeting one another in a friendly, non-confrontational regard. Because we stand upright, our four-legged companions have to jump to greet us in that same way. It’s not that we’re not excited to see them, it’s just that we have different ideas about what a normal greeting entails.

The behavior gets perpetuated when we reinforce it by rewarding it with attention. Think about it: when a cute puppy jumps to greet you or licks your face, what is your reaction? If you’re hard-pressed to ignore the behavior, welcome to the club. It can be difficult to not “oooh” and “awww” over sweet doggy affection, but when we do that, we teach the pup that their behavior will earn them our attention.

How to prevent it

The best way to prevent the behavior is through consistent training. Make it a habit to avoid engaging your dog until all four paws are on the ground. Avoid petting or making eye contact until he or she sits and waits patiently. The moment Fido’s front paws rest on the ground, lavish him with praise and attention. If he begins to jump again, stand up and quit petting him until he settles down once again. It’s important for all of your family members and guests to follow suit, so your dog learns that it’s never appropriate to jump on anyone.

If you’re having company and you’re not sure if your pup has figured out polite greetings, clip on the leash before guests enter your home. When your dog settles down, allow her to greet your guests, turning her away if she begins to jump.

Dogs are typically quick learners. With clear, consistent training, it shouldn’t take too long for your pooch to catch on to appropriate greetings. Do you have a favorite doggy training tip? Share it with us here!

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