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Positive Reinforcement for Pets: Show Them You Care

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There are many ways to show your pet that you love them. Showing positive reinforcement is just one thing you can do in several different ways. Are you looking for a few ideas to make your pet feel special? Look no more! Read below for several ways to make your pet feel great!

  • Let them sniff around. Take a daily walk with your dog, as long as it’s not too cold. Many dogs love to take walks and there are many added benefits for you and your pup. Take a new route once in a while to spice things up a bit – new smells! Make their walk part of your daily routine. It really is a nice addition to the day. If you can’t make it outside, read this post for a few easy and quick ways to get much needed exercise indoors.


  • It’s time to go shopping! Take your pet to a pet specialty store like PetSmart for some active time and socialization. Pick up a new bag of treats while you are there. Most pets are more than happy to get a delicious treat from Mom or Dad.


  • Surprise them with a gift. Purchase a new toy for your pet and give them extra play time and attention. They will surely appreciate the extra love and cuddles they get from the family.


  • Get out and about. Check out pet-friendly indoor activities happening in the city. Be sure that your pet is social and not scared of strangers before you attempt an activity like this. Read this post for more ideas: 8 Fun places to take your cat. Or this post: 8 fun places to take your dog.


  • Go out of your way. Do something special for your pet when you come home from work. Doesn’t it feel good to take 15 minutes to hang out with your pet after a long, hard day at the office? We think so.



  • Take them on vacation with you. Nowadays there are several pet friendly hotels and locations around the world. Consider bringing your pet with you on your family vacation this year. Let your pet join in the fun! Read this post for things to consider before traveling with a pet.


  • Do a DIY project for your pet! Make your pet your guinea pig (literally and not literally) as you try out these projects that could potentially be great DIY holiday gifts! Get great ideas here: 21 DIY Projects for Pet Lovers.


For other great ideas, please follow our pet-lovin’ blog. We are always writing articles about how to make your pets feel appreciated. They are such amazing additions to our lives, after all. Keep Reading:

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