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6 Things to Do With Your Pet Before School Starts

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It’s that time of year again. School supplies line the aisles of every store and the first question everyone seems to ask school-aged children is, “So, are you ready for school?” Although this time of year is marked by the groans and dismay of many kids (and kids-at-heart), many of us forget to think about what impact the back to school rush has on our pets.

Our furry friends just spent the last few months settling in to life with the kiddos racing around. They’ve licked faces, shared snacks, fetched balls, and lounged around the house together. There have been walks, movie parties, camping trips, and plenty of sun-soaked memories made. Soon enough though, our pets will be spending their days in much quieter, lonelier homes.

So, before we send the kiddos off, let’s squeeze the last few drops out of summer with our pets. Check out our list of 6 last must-do’s of the summer.

  1. Go for a walk

Sure, you probably walk your pet every day, but what about your kids? Before summer wraps up, try to take at least one walk with the whole family. This can make a great bonding experience and serve as a reminder for your kids about the responsibilities of pet ownership. Take turns talking about your favorite memory from the summer, and what you’re most excited about for the upcoming school year. Your kids can take turns holding the leash, and pouring water for your pet when you stop for a drink break.

  1. Go for a ride

If your pet enjoys car rides, plan a day trip to a nearby pet-friendly attraction or event. Have the kids help you pack drinks and snacks, and plan any stops you might make. Be sure to allow for bathroom breaks for your 2 and 4 legged family members, and make the day low-key and leisurely.

  1. Plan a pet-friendly picnic

Celebrate the last few days of summer freedom by planning a picnic with the whole family, including your pet. The keys to success? Don’t pack anything your pet can’t eat, choose a location with plenty of space to run and play, and pack a few favorite toys. This could become a fun back to school tradition for the whole family.

  1. Cool off at a splash pad

Does your pet like water? A splash pad is a great way to beat the heat and sneak in some fun exercise for everyone in the family! Many splash pads allow pets, but it’s a good idea to double check before you leave home. Don’t forget towels and plenty of drinking water.

  1. Make a special shopping trip

We know you’re already spending plenty of time in stores as you prepare to send the kids back to school, why not plan a special stop for your four-legged family member? Your pet will have some time to fill as the kids head back to school. Picking up a few new toys can help combat boredom, and may help alleviate symptoms of loneliness and stress.

  1. Break out the back to school gear

We know, we know. Just the sight of backpacks and school gear is enough to be a downer for the kids, but it’s important to start bringing these things back out before the school year starts. That way, your pets can get used to seeing them around before they have to get used to the schedule changes that the school year will bring.

However you choose to celebrate your last few moments of summer, make sure you’re giving your furry companions a little extra love and attention. Do you have any back to school traditions that incorporate your pet? Share them with us on our Facebook page!

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