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10 Reasons Why Your Pet is a Family Member

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Pet owners, stop and think about this statement for a minute: there is an animal that lives in my house. Does that feel strange when you think about it?

From the outside looking in, that can seem like a no-brainer statement. Your pet is an animal. An animal who lives in your house. So why might it strike a pet owner as odd? Because as our pets live with us, in our eyes, they can become less animal and more family member. They have personalities, routines, and contributions that they make to your home (companionship, entertainment, protection, and unwavering loyalty count as contributions, right?).

Over the years we’ve seen countless pets become “children” to their owners and “siblings” to children. From Lassie to Garfield, many of us have been brought up with the notion that our pets are not simply animals, they are core members of our family. Our pets are entertaining, reliable, and lovable (sometimes more so than some of the humans in our lives!). There is just something undeniably special about the bond between a pet and its family. We could go on and on about the merits of owning pets, so instead we put together a list of reasons our pets are family to us.

10 Reasons Why Your Pet is a Family Member

  1. Your pet has a distinct personality, complete with preferences and quirks.
  2. Your home feels a little emptier if your pet isn’t in it.
  3. Your pet has a routine, just like your other family members.
  4. We worry about our pets when they display abnormal or concerning behavior.
  5. It’s hard to find anyone more loyal than a pet.
  6. We enjoy showering our pets with gifts for holidays and their birthdays.
  7. Each pet has its own distinctive needs for optimal health and wellness, just like any other member of your family.
  8. Emotion isn’t just for humans- pets show their feelings too!
  9. Your pet enjoys spending time with your family.
  10. There are few things in life more comforting than snuggling with your pet.

We could go on and on- there are so many reasons pets are part of the family. We want to hear from you! What is it about your pet that makes them part of your family? Join the conversation on our facebook page, and share this post to keep the conversation going!

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