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All About The Havanese

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What has brains, beauty, and a good sense of humor all wrapped up in a tiny package? If you guessed the Havanese, you were spot on! The Havanese, aka “the Velcro dog” (due to their tendency to “stick” around close to their owners), is happiness on four legs, easily winning the hearts of everyone they encounter. Whether you’re initially drawn in by its beautifully expressive eyes or its silky coat, the end result is the same: everyone falls in love with this beautiful breed. Case in point: Coco, the beloved dog of Colin, our Vice President of Marketing on the 21st Century Animal Healthcare team. Coco makes friends everywhere she goes!

brown and white havanese puppy looking up at camera

So what is it about the Havanese that makes it so irresistible? Take your pick- this is a breed that has it all! From its beauty to its affectionate temperament, everyone can find something to admire.

All About the Havanese

Physical Characteristics

The Havanese is a small dog, weighing in at 7-13 pounds. They grow to be approximately 8-12 inches tall. As is the case with many dogs in the Toy group, their life expectancy is on the longer side at 14-16 years. Their coat is silky and can come in many colors.

havanese puppy sleeping on couch next to blue chew toy

Personality and Temperament

The Havanese is a cheerful pup, making friends wherever it goes. Perfectly suited to family life, these dogs love their families, and are always content as long as their loved ones are near. They don’t enjoy extended periods of time alone, and can sometimes display signs of separation anxiety when left alone.

In addition to their loving personalities, the Havanese is also smart. Their eagerness to please combined with their intelligence makes them easy to train, and a delight to have around the home. Many Havanese owners swear that their dog was once a clown or performer in a past life- Havanese love the spotlight, and are natural comedians!


havanese puppy with a red bandana, laying on a red cushion

Caring for a Havanese

Havanese are energetic! When left to their own devices, these smart dogs can find destructive outlets to burn their energy, so regular exercise is important. A daily brisk walk or a quick game of fetch will keep a Havanese healthy and happy.

Though they aren’t a high shedding breed, their beautiful coat does require daily grooming to prevent matting and tangles. Some choose to clip their Havanese coats to make grooming easier, while others let it grow. The Havanese won’t need frequent bathing, but their eyes should be wiped daily to prevent tear staining. (Psst! Try this for stubborn tear and saliva stains:

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