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5 Tips to Get You Through Winter

funny-cats-and-dogs-it-s-cold-out-wear-a-catSnow is melting all over the U.S. and we’re getting excited for the warmer weather! Are you?

Whether you have snow on the ground or you’re lucky enough to have warmer temperatures, February is said to be one of hardest months for people to enjoy. If you’re feeling a little gloomy – know that you are not alone.

Here are 5 easy ideas to make the last month of winter more bearable for you and your furry friends.

  1. When you start to feel cooped up – even though it might be freezing cold outside – open your front door, grab the dog, step out for just a few moments and take a deep breath. Look at the sky and perhaps the snow. Simply take a break the fill your lungs with fresh air. Doesn’t that feel good? Now get back inside, it’s cold out there!
  1. Embrace the outdoors like your dog does! The best way to enjoy the colder months is to appreciate it through your dog’s eyes. Don’t you wish you could play outside without a worry in the world?
  1. Go shopping at PetSmart and don’t forget to bring the dog! Sometimes all you need is a little retail therapy. Does the dog need a new sweater, winter booties or calming support chews? PetSmart has you covered. In fact, our Essential Pet products are exclusively available at PetSmart stores.
  1. Take time to relax. It’s ok to lounge around with a warm blanket, cuddly cat and hot cocoa watching your favorite flick. Sometimes being cooped up in the house all winter reminds us of the things that need to be done around the house. Don’t forget to take time to simply relax and unwind. Plan a movie or game night with your friends or family members! If you can’t be outside, you might as well be having fun inside. What fun activities are you enjoying indoors while the weather is less than ideal?
  1. Read and follow our informative pet blog for tips, pet advice, product recommendations, giveaways and more! We like to have fun on our blog but more importantly we like to help. Does your pet get stressed? Are you following your New Year’s Resolutions? Do you love Dachshunds? Meet our newest pet-celebrities! We’ve covered all of these topics and more. Check it out!

We hope these 5 quick tips serve as a nice reminder that you can have fun even when colder weather is taking over your life! Please be careful and stay warm. Thank you for reading The Paw Print with us.

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