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Dogs | October 26, 2020

Pet-Friendly Halloween Treats

If you’re a Halloween lover, then you probably also love indulging in seasonal treats.  From pumpkin spice lattes and pumpkin bread to apple pie and warm cider, it’s no secret […]

Cats | June 25, 2020

DIY Summer Frozen Pet Treats for Dogs and Cats

If summer is hot for you, then it’s definitely hot for your fur babies, too! While you’re treating yourself to yummy hydrating foods or delicious summer water-infusions, your K9 and […]

Dogs | May 1, 2020

Homemade Pill Pockets

The life of a pet parent is equal parts; don’t eat that, combined with PLEASE eat this. The second part comes into play, especially when attempting to medicate our pups, […]

Dogs | November 6, 2019

DIY Pumpkin Spice Dog Treats

If your pooch is still pouting because he didn’t get to raid the Howl-oween candy stash, these pumpkin spice oatmeal treats will get you back in his good graces. Not […]

Cats and Dogs | June 18, 2019

Beat the Heat With a Frozen Treat

The dog days of summer are upon us! When it comes to enjoying the summer season, there’s no better way to kick back and relax than with a frozen treat. […]

Dogs | February 27, 2019

Peanut Butter Pupcakes

This one goes out to all the good boys and good girls out there. Few things elicit more excitement from our four-legged friends than special treats. Sure, going for a […]

Dogs | February 6, 2019

DIY Dog Biscuits

Who says Valentines Day treats are just for humans? We’re always looking for new ways to show our four-legged friends a little extra love, and we think these homemade dog […]

Cats and Dogs | November 13, 2018

Homemade Thanksgiving Treats for Your Pet

Get tails waggin’ with a special Thanksgiving treat, made especially for your pet! Hands down, our two favorite things about Thanksgiving are family and food, and we’re sure our pets […]

Dogs | October 10, 2018

3 Homemade Pumpkin Halloween Treats for Your Dog

We all know that this time of year brings about plenty of off-limits treats to tempt our four-legged family members. While most of our pets are probably happy to simply […]